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Casa Tomada
Julio Cortázar

A house taken over by a tiger.
Una Carta A Díos
Gregario Lopez y Fuentes

Guy writes a letter to God for money; doesn't get as much as he wanted so he blames postal workers for stealing.
Jorge Luis Borges

Story of Cain and Abel.
El General Rueda
Nellie Campobello

The General Rueda visits Nellie.
Marco Deneví

Machines taking over.
Un Dia De Estos
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Mayor goes to dentist who rips his tooth out.
No Oyes Ladrar Los Perros
Juan Rulfo

Man carries his son, son dies.
Cajas de Carton
Francisco Jimenez

People working in California fields, family moves all the time.
El Tiempo Borra
Javier De Viana

Guy goes to jail for 15 years and comes back.
El Nacimiento De La Col
Ruben Dario

Rose wanted to be useful so God turned into cabbage.
El Decimo
Emilia Pardo Barzan

Guy buys lottery ticket and he loses it.
Sala De Espera
Enrique Anderson Inbert

Rite kills Costa and he gets on a train and sees his ghost and they switch places.