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to jump rope
saltar la cuerda
to play with a ball
jugar con la pelota
to go shopping
ir de compras
to play hopscotch
jugar al bebeleche
to chew gum and blow bubbles
masticar chicle y hacer burbujas
to drink milk
tomar leche
to play hide and seek
jugar al escondite
to look in the mirror
mirarse en el espejo
to believe in Santa Clause
creer en santa claus
to climb trees
subirse a un a'rbol
to ride a horse
montar a caballo
to ride a bicycle
andar en bicicleta
to fight with the younger siblings
pelearse con los hermanitos
to drive an old car
manejar un carro viejo
to play with dolls
jugar con mun~ecas
to run with your dog
correr con su perro
to read the comics
leer las tiras co'micas
to play with cars
jugar con carritos