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1. specific action in the past
2. series of completed actions in the past
3. action over a specific period of time
4. beginning or end of past action
1. repeated or habitual past actions
2. past action without specific time boundaries
3. to set the scene, tell time, age or give most physical descriptions; background info.
Presente Perfecto
Have done something
~Have you eaten lunch today?
~~I have eaten lunch today.
Condicional Perfecto
Would have done something
~If the weather hadn't been bad, I would have traveled to Chicago
Pluscualm Perfecto
Had done something
~By the time I was 23, I had written three novels.
Futuro Perfecto
Will have done something
~By the time I am thirty, I will have bought my own house.
1. Verbs of influence, emotion and doubt
~~I hope you will attend the show.

2. Things that may or may not exsist
~~I am looking for an apartment that has a kitchen.

3. "Si" clauses
Would do something