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Habrá comida
There will be food
Diré "Hola"
I will say "Hola"
Podrán trabajar
They will be able to work
Pondrás el libro
You will put the book
Querré comer
I will want to eat
Saldremos la escuela.
We will leave school.
Haré la cena
I will make dinner
Sabrés la información
You will know the information
Valdré el dinero
I will value the money
Tendrá los libros
He will have books
Vendrán a cása
They will come to the house
Comerá las pápas fritas
He will eat the french fries
Jugaremos béisbol
We will play baseball
Nadaré in la escuela
I will swim in school
Cantarán por sus padres
They will sing for their parents