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Tener buena cara
To look good
tener calma
to be calm
tener calor
to be hot
tener cara de
to look like
tener celos
to be jealous of
tener cuidado
to be careful
tener deseos de
to have a desire to
tener dolor de
to have a headache etc.
tener envidia
to be envious
tener exito
to be successful
tener ganas de
to feel like, to have an urge to
tener hambre
to be hungry
tener la culpa de
to be to blame for
tener la palabra
to have the floor
tener lugar
to take place
tener prisa
to be in a hurry
tener que ver con
to have to do with
tener razon
to be right
tener sed
to be thirsty
tener sueno
to be sleepy
tener suerte
to be lucky
tener verguenza
to be ashamed of
to be...years old
volver a + inf
to + verb + again
volver en si
to regain consciousness
caer en cuenta
to realize
caerle bien
to be well received
caerse muerto
to drop dead
cumplir con su deber
to fulfill one's duty
cumplir con su palabra
to keep ones word
to be...years old
aprender de memoria
to learn by heart
contar con
to rely on
dejar caer
to drop
deharse de bromas
to stop kidding
dormir a pierna suelta
to sleep like a log
encongerse de hombors
to shrug one's shoulder
estar harto de
to be fed up with
haber de
to have to
llevar a cabo
to carry out, to finish
llevarse bien
to be on good terms with
no cabe duda
there is no question
no hay remedio
it cant be helped
no importa
it doesnt matter
oir decir que
to hear that
oir hablar de
to hear of
pagar al contado/en efectivo
to pay cash
parece mentira
its hard to believe
pedir prestado
to borrow
perder de vista
to lose sight of
ponerse de acuerdo
to agree
tocarle a uno
to be ones turn
tomarle el pelo a
to pull someones leg
valer la pena
to be worthwhile