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to be looking out (the window)
estar asomado (a la ventana)
to be kneeling
estar arrodillado
to be absent
estar ausente
to be hanging
estar colgado
to be in a happy mood
estar contento
to be in agreement
estar de acuerdo
to be in a good (bad) mood
estar de buen (mal) humor
to be on duty, on call
estar de guardia
to be fashionable (unfashionable)
estar de moda (pasado de moda)
to be standing
estar de pie, parado
to be on vacation
estar de vacaciones
to be barefoot
estar descalzo
to be hiding
estar escondido
to be present
estar presente
to be satisfied
estar satisfecho
to be sitting
estar sentado
to be used to
estar acostumbrado a
to be anxious to
estar ansioso por (de)
to be tired of
estar cansado de
to be covered with
estar cubierto de
to be determined to
estar decidido a
to be (un)happy with
estar (des)contento de (con)
to be annoyed with
estar disgustado con
to be willing to, determined to
estar dispuesto a
to be in love with
estar enamorado de
to be in charge of
estar encargado de
to be married to
estar casado con
to be an enemy of
estar enemistado con
to be free from
estar libre de
to be ready to
estar listo para
to be crazy with
estar loco de
to be most anxious to
estar loco por
to be filled with
estar lleno de
to be not on speaking terms with
estar peleado con
to be surrounded by
estar rodeado de
to be dressed in, dressed as
estar vestido de
to be fond of
ser aficionado a
to be fond of
ser amigo de
to be (un)capable of
ser (in)capaz de
to be hard, difficult to
ser difi'cil de + inf.
to be opposed to
ser enemigo de
to be easy to
ser fa'cil de + inf.
to be identical to
ser ide'ntico a
to be similar to
ser parecido a
to be (im)possible to
ser (im)posible de + inf.
to be the first one to
ser (def. article) primero(a) en
to be responsible for
ser responsable de
to be the last one to
ser (def. article) u'ltimo(a) en