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What are the 4 categories of alienss?
resident alien, non-resident alien,enemy aliens, and illegal aliens.
What are 3 basic ways gov. authority can be divided?
people, institutions, and public policies
What is collective naturalization?
it is when the US aquires land and the people of that land automaticall become US citizens
What is the people accept authority and its right to lead them?
What are 6 requirements for naturalization in the US?
~ include five years in the US
~the ability to read, write, and speak english
~a good understanding of american gov. and his.
~"good moral character"
What is gov. that divides power to the policitcal subivisons and its gov.?
federal system
How can a naturalized citizen lose citizenship?
they can if it is proved that they lied or misrepresented themseleves during the naturalization process
What is two or more independent states joining together to achieve some common goal?
Ways of knowing that a state is sovereign?
a state must be able to decide and carry out its own foreign policy
be able to send and receive diplomats or ambassadors
must be able to protect itself from foreigners
Name some civil rights.
" equality of opportunity" the rights of a citizen
What are the 4 political principles?
majority rule with minority rights, representative government, limits on government power, and rule by law
Describe the social contract of John Locke.
"natural rights" were respected but you paid taxes and follow reasonalbe laws and the contract was broken if anything was he didnt protect the citizens "natural rights"
What are the 4 basic characteristics of a state?
population, territory, government, and sovereignty
What is a single individual holds both political power and authority?
When did direct democracy first begin?
in ancient Greece
What is the right given by God to rulers?
divine right
When was the first definition of the citizenship given?
14th amendment
What is any course of government action directed toward a national goal?
public policy
What are the four government policies know examples.
Social order: isuuing money
public services: providing a transit system
social standards: setting age limits for drinking
national defense: maintaining an army and navy
What is sovereignty?
the state's right to rule itself
what is citizenship?
A states special status
What is one government?
unitary government
What is a small group of powerful people rule the state?
What is a spanish word that refers to a small group of military officers who seize a state and establish their own government?
What is a state?
The worlds basic political unite
What is the agreement within a nation to create a state and obey its government?
social contract
What is individual worth?
Every person decides for himself and makes there own decision to wear, to read, to believe and where to live
What is government?
the people and institutions with authority to establish and enforce public policies.
what is allegiance?
a citizen's responsibility to his or her country begins with loyalty.
What is the process of conflict and compromise in which gov. works?
What are some civil liberties?
they include the freedoms to write, speak, and religion