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Diga / Dígame.
Hello. (Spain)
Hello. (Mexico)
Hello? (Most other countries)
Por favor, ¿está...?
Is ... home, please?
¿Hablo con...?
Is this...?
¿De parte de quién, por favor?
May I ask who is calling, please?
Lo siento, pero no está.
I'm sorry but he/she is not home.
Un momentito, por favor.
One moment, please.
Voy a ver si está.
I'll see if he/she is in.
Está equivocado
You have the wrong number.
Quisiera dejar un recado/ mensaje.
I would like to leave a message.
Por favor, dígale (dile) que me llame.
Please, tell him (her) to call me.
Por favor, dígale (dile) que lo (la) volveré a llamar.
Please tell him (her) that I'll call him (her) back.
Si fuera(-s) tan amable de decirle que me llame.
If you would be kind enough to tell him (her) to call me.
La línea (el teléfono) está ocupada(-o).
The line/the phone is busy.
No se oye bien.
I can't hear very well.
Hay mucha interferencia.
There's a lot of interference.
Tiene que colgar.
You have to hang up.
Disculpe(-a), pero me tengo que ir.
Excuse me, but I have to go.
Disculpe(-a), pero me tengo que colgar.
Excuse me, but I have to hang up.
Nos hablamos.
I'll talk to you later.
Lo/la/te llamo.
I'll call you.