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la descripción física
physical description
llevar anteojos
to wear glasses
llevar lentes (m.) de contacto
to wear contact lenses
ser alto(-a)
to be tall
ser bajo(-a)
to be short
ser de talla media
to be of average height
ser atlético(-a)
to be athletic
ser delgado(-a)
to be thin
ser gordo(-a)
to be fat
ser calvo(-a)
to be bald
ser moreno(-a)
to be brunette
ser pelirrojo(-a)
to be red-haired
ser rubio(-a)
to be blond
tener los ojos azules
to have blue eyes
tener los ojos de color café
to have brown eyes
tener el pelo castaño
to have chestnut hair
tener el negro
to have black hair
tener el rubio
to have blond hair
tener el pelo corto
to have short hair
tener el largo corto
to have long hair
tener barba
to have a beard
tener bigote (m.)
to have a moustache
tener una cicatriz
to have a scar
tener un lunar
to have a beauty mark
tener pecas
to have freckles