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What was Charles I of Spain also known as?
Emperor Charles V of Holy Roman Empire
To whom did Charles I abdicate his throne?
His son Philip II as King of Castile and Aragon, but the Holy Roman Empire to brother Ferdinand.
Who presided over the Reformation trial of Martin Luther?
Charles I of Spain
Who headed the counter-reformation in Spain?
Ignatius Loyola
Where did Philip II establish the seat of the government?
Who built El Escorial? Where was it?
Philip II. North of Madrid.
Under the reign of whom did the Moors revolt? What happened to them?
Under the reign of Philip II. They were displaced to small towns.
Under the reign of whom did the Netherlands revolt? What happened to them?
Under the reign of Philip II. They were crushed by the Duke of Alba.
Who claimed Portugal, then claimed and named the Philippines?
Philip II
What significant event involving the Spanish Armada occurred under the reign of Philip II?
It was defeated and destroyed by the British Fleet.
What was the name of Philip II's son?
Philip III
What did Philip III do to the Moors?
He expelled 300k of them.
When and under the reign of whom did the Golden Age of Literature occur?
In the 16th and 17th centuries under Philip III.
Who was the soldier/writer who wrote Don Quixote de la Mancha?
Who was the sailor/dramatist who wrote over 1800 plays?
Lope de Vega
Who was the son of Philip III?
Philip IV
What conflict encompassed the reign of Philip IV?
The 30 Year's War
Who was the minister of Philip IV?
Count of Olivares
Who were the famous painters of Spain under the reign of Philip IV?
Velsaquez, El Greco, Reubens
What was the War of Attrition under King Philip IV?
The war to regain Portugal.
Who was the father of Carlos II?
Philip IV
Who was the last Habsburg King of Spain?
Carlos II
What was Carlos II like?
unhealthy, had no heirs
Who were three writers in Spain and the colonies during the reign of Carlos II?
Garcilaso de la Vega
Lope de Vega
Calderon de la Barca
Who was the guitarist with Latin American rhythms?
Gaspar Sanz
Who succeded Carlos II as king of Spain?
Philip of Anjou (Philip V)
Who was the first French Bourbon King?
Philip of Anjou (Philip V)
How did the war of succession end?
Peace of Utrecht
What was the new government that unified Castile with the other regions called?
Nueva Planta
Who was the father of Fernando VI?
Philip V
Who was the son of Philip V?
Fernando VI
Who did Fernando VI marry?
Portuguese Barbara of Braganca
Why were music and the arts revived during the reign of Fernando VI?
He and his wife, Barbara of Braganca, loved music and the arts.
Who was the minister of Fernando VI? What did he do?
Ensenada, declared tax census (catastro)
Who was the son of Fernando VI?
Carlos III
What did Carlos III do to the Jesuits?
hated them and expelled them in 1767
Under the reign of whom did the economy of Portugal recover?
King Pedro II
Who built a monastery/palace at Mafra to thank God when his first child was born?
King Joao V
Who was the minister to Joao V?
Carvalho (Pombal)
Who became a dictator in Spain? What did he do to the Jesuits?
Pombal, outlawed Jesuits in 1761
How did education change under Pombal in Portugal?
It became liberal
Who was the son of Carlos III?
Carlos IV
Whom did Carlos IV appoint minister?
Who was the lover of Queen Maria Louisa
Under the reign of whom did Spain invade Portugal in the War of Oranges?
Carlos IV
Who became king in Spain after the War of Oranges?
Fernando VII
What happened to the throne during the reign of Fernando VII?
Napoleon took Spain and made Joseph Bonaparte King of Spain
Who was the court painter for Carlos IV?
What were two of Goya's famous paintings about the uprising and suppression in Spain?
The 2nd of May and The 3rd of may
Who was exiled from Spain during the reign of Joseph Bonaparte?
Goya, Sor (Mozart of guitar), Arriaga
What was the Carlist rebellion in Spain called?
The Revolt of the Aggrieved
What was the Miguelist rebellion in Portugal called?
The War of Two Brothers
Which countries made up the quadruple alliance?
Britain, France, Portugal, Spain
Who did the liberal quadruple alliance fight and defeat?
The conservative Carlists
In 1838, what gave power to the liberals in Portugal?
The September Revolution
When the liberals gained power, what did the church lose?
its powerful status, land, and buildings
Who was the first inspector of women's prisons who also led the Red Cross?
Concepcion Arenal
What were the two parties called in Spain?
Moderates (conservative)
Progressives (liberal)
What were the two parties called in Portugal?
Charists (conservative)
Septembrists (liberal)
Who took charge of Spain when Isabel II was exiled to France?
General Prim
When was the Republic proclaimed, and what happened to it?
After the assassination of General Prim in 1872. Then, it collapsed.
Who was named king by General Canovas?
Alfonso XII (son of Isabel II)
What system did General Canovas govern with?>
The British two-party system
What was the concept of Rotativism?
Both parties would alternate power in fixed elections.
Which movements arose due to the exclusion of the common person in government?
What was the place in Barcelona where famous artists and intellectuals gathered?
Four Cats Cafe
What was the Disaster of 1898 in Spain?
The United States declared war on Spain and won, claiming Spain's colonies.
What was the group of young writers who formed after the disaster of 1898 called?
The generation of '98
What was the labor union established in 1910?
What was the group established for industrial workers?
Which three cities encompassed the revolutionary triangle?
Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza