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Santa Fe
cuna de la hispanidad--large military base for the final conquest of granada and therefor the consolidation of a new country
Santa Hermandad
the national police of the reyes catolics, primary function was to patrol country roads to prevent robberies
originally started in the 13th century as a papal commission to clarify religious doctrine and establish a new catholicism; product of the times within a european context, not racial, nationalized spain to find false converts
auto de fe
the worst face of the spanish inquisition; public spectale "act of faith" public processions, sermons, confessions
langugage of sephardic jews
pig or swine, crude name for sephardics
a dominican friar and former jew, the grand inquisitor of the spanish inq
last ruler of the kingdom of granada, last sultan of the nasrid dynasty
huge land holdings given to aristrocrats, primarily andalucia
successor of cardinal mendoza, confessor of isabel, advisor, clerical reformer, oversser of the spanish inquisition, heavily anti moorish
muslims who converted to christianity often via massive communal baptisms, important to the argicultural economy of the country
in 1492 presents Fernando and isabel with an important manuscript of linguistic innovation: the grammatica de castellano, the concept of linguistic expansion/colonization starts to take root
juana la loca
daughter of fernando and isabel, technically queen of castilla married to felippe el hermoso
a basquesolider while on a spiritial retreat goes thorugh a mjaor transformation of identity; leaves the military life to become priest, founder of the jesuit order
Felipe II
"The Prudent King" spain reached its greatest geographical extension under his rule; a workaholic
El Escorial
palace monestary of felipe II; metaphore/symbol of the catholic counter reformation and of the empire itself
black legend
started during the time of felipe II by the english and then the dutch followed; a systemic smear campaign aimed at underminig the reputation of felipe II
Novela Picaresca
episodic novels written that critiqued the central contradiction of spain; massive global expansion and numerious wars yet within spain there was starvation, corruption, lack of good education
el greco
from crete, one of the primary painters of the counter reformation, mixed religious realism with religious mysticism featuring elongated bodies reaching for heaven
don carlos
crazed son of Felipe II, maybe had epilepsy; fell down a flight of stairs and doctors removed part of his cranium, would escape from the palace and sign secret treates behind his fathers back
limpieza de sangre
an important legal document declaring that a person was an old chirstian--they do not have non christian blood
Don Juan De Austria
known as the royal bastard; the half bro of Felipe II; gifted military mind and gifted w/ the ladies,
a bay near greece, key battle between spain and the turks
duque de alba
was essentially the henchman of felipe II in the low countries and to a certain degree in portugal, feared and despise by the dutch
great armada
1588 perhaps spains most infamous military blunder in its history; an ill advised naval invasion of england; one fourth spanish fleet was destroyed even before the armada set sail from la coruna
santa teresa/san juan de la cruz
tireless reformers of the clergy; two of catholisms primary proponents of mysticism; san juan is noted to be one of the poets of spanish literary history
lope de vega
probably the most prolific playwright of the history of the european theater
considered to be one of the greatest painters of art history
similar to 1960s in US; terrible domestical social strife, open rebellion in cataluna
calderon de la barca
perhaps spains greatest writer of the second half of the 17th century; an especially powerful and gifted playright
Carlos II
AKA the "bewitched"; epileptic and mentally challanged due to many years of hapsburg intermarriage
Felipe V
aka Philippe of Anjou; named king; arrived in spain in 1700 at the age of 16 first bourban monarch in spains history--was very dirty
treaty of utrecht
1713 ends war of spain, succession; spain loses flanders, some italian holdings to austria; england attains menorcs
la ciudadela
felipes military fortress overlooking barcelona to keep an eye on the rebellious city
la granja
felipes mini versailles built near segovia
the greatest singer of the day, castrated
family pact
spain promises to have the same domestic and foreign policies as France
Fernando VI
ruled from 1746-1759, son of Felipe V, a time of peace, nutrality civil progress, reform for spain, liked toy boats, married barbara of braganzal a normal couple
carlos III
aka enlightened despot, former king of naples launches a massive campaign to build roads, bridges, buldings, academica,
Carlos IV
son of carlos III, a real idiot
a powerful and plotting prime minister of carlos IV, lover of the queen, heavily influenced by french culture, hated by the people because he signed a poorly thought out treaty with napolean who proceeded to invade spain
from a small town in aragon, known as the bridge painter between the neat and tidy aesthetic vision of neo classical art and the topsy turby of romanticism, consqeuently there is a great variety in his art, for many he is the father of modern art