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Actual shape and structure of an object
Natural Form
Forms coming from natural enviroment
Geometric Form
Cubes Spheres Pyramids or other multi sided forms
Where shapes and forms exist
3 Types of Space
Pictorial Illusionary Actual
Pictorial Space
Design that is made on a flat surface
When an object is placed in front of another hiding a portion
Linear Perspective
Objects in the design are drawn to a vanishing point
Atmospheric Perspective
Objects in the distance are greyer in value
Larger the size, closer it appears
Actual Space
3D designs become a real
Size in relation to an accepted unit of measurement
Size relationships of parts within a whole
Human Scale Reference
Using the human body as a unit for size comparison
Internal Proportion
Difference in size between elements
Notions of the Ideal
Formulas for ideal proportions
The Golden Rectangle
Perfect rectangle
The Spiral
Flowing curve based upon the repetition of a square
The Fibonacci Series
Numbers that have a relationship with the laws of natural growth