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What device is propelled by the rapid emission of hot gasses that are produced from combustion not requiring atmospheric oxygen?
What states that "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"?
Newton's third law of motion
What early solid-fueled rocket by an English designer was inaccurate due to reliance on the stick guidance system?
Congreve rocket
What 19th century military rocket carried an explosive warhead in the nose, had three curved fins for stabilization, and had a greater range than the artillery of its day?
Hale rocket
What is a type of long range, rocket-powered weapon capable of crossing the distances between continents?
What orbits around a celestial body?
When several rockets are stacked one on top of each other, what is each rocket called?
What orbit is roughly parallel to the equator?
low Earth orbit
What orbit passes over the poles?
polar orbit
What type of orbit does a satellite have when it passes over a given point on the earth at the same time of day for a given season?
sun-synchronous orbit
Satellites that view the same spot on the earth 24-hours per day have what type of orbit?
geosynchronous orbit
What satellites are used mainly for scientific research?
scientific satellite
What satellites are used for useful purposes like weather prediction, communications, navigational references, and survey?
applications satellites
What is the modern satellite navigation system called?
Global Positioning System (GPS)
What space vehicles are placed into orbits around the sun or other planets?
What types of probes are used to make a sounding?
sounding rocket
What is a vertical probe of the atmosphere called?
What are the planets beyond the orbit of Mars?
outer planets
What are the objects orbiting the sun that are in a region beyond Uranus?
Kuiper belt object (KBO)
What type of orbit does a spacecraft have when it follows behind the earth?
Earth-trailing orbit
When a spacecraft is "parked" between the earth and sun at points of equal gravity, what type of orbit does it have?
halo orbit
What is the point where our solar system ends and interstellar space begins?
What is a small space vehicle designed to carry life into orbit?
What was America's first program of manned space flights called?
Project Mercury
What were the first two-man American space flights called?
Project Gemini
What manned American space program was established to land on and briefly explore the moon?
Project Apollo
What is a habitable structure in earth orbit for observation and scientific research?
space station
What space station is currently being built by many countries?
International Space Station (ISS)
What environment in orbit has the absence or greatly reduced sensation of gravitational force?
What is a reusable manned space vehicle that transports cargo and people into Earth orbit?
space shuttle