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What is a rocky object in orbit around the sun that is smaller that a planet and also called an asteroid?
minor planet
What are the rocky minor planets that orbit the sun, mainly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter?
What is a small, ICY satellite of the sun that has a tail when near the sun?
What part of the comet contains the nucleus and the coma?
What part of a comet extends like a long streamer when it is near the sun?
What part of the comet contains most of it's material?
What is the envelope of ice particles surrounding the nucleus of a comet?
What are the frozen liquids and gases that are found in the heads of comets?
What type of comet tail consists maily of GAS that is pushed back from the head by the SOLAR WIND?
type I tail
What type of comet tail consists mainly of DUST pushed back from the head by the PRESSURE OF LIGHT from the sun?
type II tail
What type of comet returns or is expected to return to the inner solar system because it has an elliptical orbit?
periodic comet
Some astronomers believe that short-period comets come from a donut-shaped region of space beyound the orbit of Uranus. What is this region called?
Kuiper belt
What are the rocks and dust orbiting the sun?
What is a meteroid that has entered the earth's atmosphere?
What is the bright streak of light and loud noise caused by a large meteor going through the atmosphere?
What is an unusually bright meteor that explodes?
What is the glowing tail behind the fireball called?
What is a meteor that has survived the trip through the earth's atmosphere to reach the earth's surface?
What type of meteors come from random directions at any time?
sporadic meteor
What type of meteors appear to come from one location in the sky at specific times?
shower meteors
What are the meteors of the August 12 meteor shower that appear as though they come from the constellation Perseus?
What is the point in the sky from which shower meteors seem to radiate or start from?
What are the meteors of the November 17 meteor shower that appear as though they come from the constellation Leo?
What type of meteors are 85-90% stony materials and are the most common?
stones (stony meteorites)
What are meteors that are 85-90% iron?
What are the crosshatched lines that appear on the polished surface of a sectioned iron meteorite that have been etched by acid?
Widmanstatten lines
What are meteors that are about 50% silicates and 50% irons? These are the rarest type.
What are the small silicate spheres often found in meteorites?
What is the long area on the ground where scattered meteorite fragments from an exploded fireball are found?
strewn field