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The classical orbital element which indicates the angle the orbital plane makes with the equatorial plane is called the...
The time at which the classical orbital elements are measured for specific satellite is called...
The two types of rockets are?
Liquid and solid
A spacecraft was launched from Kennedy Space Center which is at a latitude of 28.5 N. What can be said about the spacecraft's orbit?
Its inclination is greater than or equal to 28.5.
The point at which a spacecraft is closest to the earth in an elliptical orbit is called?
The classical orbital element that defines the shape of an orbit is called?
Keppler's First Law states...
All orbits are elliptical
The origin of the J2000 coordinate system used to locate satellites is the center of the Earth. T/F?
The ground track for a geostationary satellite is a?
National technical means space systems operate in which orbital regimes?
Reaction wheels, torque rods and thrusters are all part of a spacecraft's...
Attitude control systems
An adversary's imaging satellite has just passed overhead with your location in its field of regard. Can it take your picture?
True and maybe...
The three segments of satellite operations are the space segment, the user segment, and the...
Control segment
An object operating in a gravity field but free from all other forces is...
In free fall
A satellite with a highly elliptic orbit (HEO) moves at the highest speed when...
It's at perigee
An imagery analyst is very happy with photos from a satellite is sun-synchronous orbit because...
The angle to the sun remains constant for all images keeping shadows the same from one pass to the next.
A spacecraft in an inclined prograde orbit has a ground track which...
Does not overlap but has a gap.
A geosynchronous orbit...
has a period of 24 hours.
The classical orbital element called the semi-major axis indicates the...
Size of the orbit.
The formal definition of where space begins is...
There is no formal definition.
The important characteristics of an orbit are...
Regular and repeating.
An explosive release of mass from the sun is called...
Coronal mass ejection.
Batteries are needed on a satellite to...
Start up operations and power the satellite when it's out of sunlight.
The most important thing for having a successful space mission is...
Talented and cooperative people
A necessary constraint of every orbit around the Earth is that...
It's orbital plane passes through the center of the Earth.