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What is the orienting system called?
vestibular system
The generic form of gravity detector is the ___.
The ___ responds to changes in the rate (acceleration and deceleration) of vertical linear motion.
The ___ responds to changes in the rate (acceleration and decleration) of horizontal linear motion.
The ___ ___ respond to rotary accelerations and rotary decelerations.
semicircular canals
___ ___ refers to all eye movements which occur in response to rotary movement. During acceleration, eyes move opposite; during decleration eyes move same direction.
vestibular nystagmus
Skaters can spin without getting dizzy because they do something called ___.
___ ___ is characterized by sudden bursts of vestibular activity which cause intense nystagmic eye movements, extreme vertigo, nausea, and hearing distortions.
Miniere's Disease
The ___ pathway contains large-diameter fibers which are fast-conducting and provide locatlized information about touch and movement. The receptive fields are smaller and there are more of them. *Provide localized, specific, detailed information*
The ___ pathway contains small-diameter fibers which are slow-conducting. Non-localized info regarding touch, temperature, and pain. There are fewer receptive fields and they are larger.
What is the effective stimulus for touch?
These receptors are located deep in the skin. They are the largest of the cutaneous receptors and respond to onset or offset of brief stimulation. They give good information about the location and texture of a brief stimulus.
Pacinian corpuscles
These receptors are found in sensitive, hairless skin regions and presumed to be a pressure receptor.
Meissner's corpuscles
Tactile discs respond to touch or ___.
Ruffini endings are cutaneous recptors for ___.
Krause end bulbs are cutaneous receptors for ___.
In the ___ ___, the listener touches specific parts of the speker's lip, face, and neck so that the hand receives some of the complex omvement patterns produced by the speaker.
Tadoma method
When we hold an object we get combined kinesthetic and cutaneous information about that object. This is part of the ___ ___.
Hapatic system
___ or proprioception is awareness of the movement of our own body.
What is the stimulus for kinesthesis? ___ of the body.
The temperature at which you don't notice anything is termed ___ ___.
physiologic zero
The functions of ___ are foodseeking and sampling, and detection of prey and predators.
Researchers have labeled fibers according to their maximal sensitivity, this is referred to as the ___ ___.
label line
Taste is a function of the pattern of firing among a whole population of nerve fibers. This is called ___-___ ____.
cross-fiber patterning
Sweet n Low is ___, and is derived from coal tar.
The frequency of a sound is measured in __.
Frequency causes us to perceive ___.
The max pressure exerted by a stimulus is the ___.
Amplitude is measured in __.
Amplitude causes us to perceive ___.
___ is the number of frequencies in a stimulus.
Complexity causes us to perceive ___.
This claims that it's possible to express any complex wave form as the sum of a discrete series of simple sine waves.
Fourier analysis
This says we have the ability to hear each tone of a complex wave seperately.
Ohm's acoustic law
We can hear frequencies from?
20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
A ___ is the loudness of a 1000 Hz tone presented at an intensity of 40 dB.
The ___ hemisphere detects speech and language.
The ___ hemisphere detects nonverbal sounds.
This type of ganglion cell, the _-___, has more of them, they are linked to the fovea, they react to precise fine details.
_-___ of the ganglion cells, they are fewer of them and they are larger and respond to movement.
Delta I/I = K is known as...
Weber's Law
What is Fechner's law?
Fechner assumed JND's were ___ steps in sensation. This is incorrect.
Using Fechner's law, you will get a straight line if you express the simulus in ___ units against the JND.
S=KI to the nth power is whose law?
Stevens' Law
A ROC curve depicts the proportion of hits and ___ ___ for a given signal intensity.
false alarms
perceived size (s) = k (rxd) where r is image on the retina and d is distance. This is whose law?
Emmert's law