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large river
area of high flat land
Coastal Plain
flat land near the water
Appalachian Mountains
mountain range
making something by using machines
New Orleans
large port
Popular tourist attractions
1. Disney World 5. Myrtle B.
2. Kennedy space Center
3. Diamond Mines 6. New Or.
4. Williamsburg, Va.
1. cotton 5. peanuts
2. soybeans 6. peaches
3. oranges
4. tobacco
Hot-Humid Summers
Mild Winter and Coastal States get a lot of rain
Triangle Trade
Africa to West Indies slaves;
West Indies to New York
New York to Africa
Guns, iron, rum
Effect of Cotton Gin on Slavery
Cotton Gin took the seeds out of the cotton faster, so more cotton could be cleaned faster and shipped faster needing more slaves.
Large farm worked by many slaves to grow tobacco, cotton, etc.
Owner of the plantation and slaves that worked his land.
watched over slaves
someone forced to work with no pay
Big House
where the master his and family lived
Slave Quarters
shacks where slaves lived in on a platation
Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman
A system of secret paths and routes for slaves to escape North.
A conductor who helped over 300 slaves escape to freedom on the Underground Railroad.
Indentured Servants

A person who gave 7 years of their life to work for someone.
Worked for 7 years, then given seeds, ox, plow and other things to start their own lives.
Native Americans - Trail of Tears
Journey Indians took to Indian Territory (Oklahoma)forced by government because gold was found on their land
13th Amdenment
Abolish slavery
14th Amenement
equal protection under the law
15th Amendment
people of all races can now vote
Jim Crow Laws
Unjust laws in the South that made African Americans use separate bathrooms, water fountains, etc.
Jackie Robinson
1st black major League baseball player
Rosa Parks
African American woman who refused to give up her seat to a white person

Sit Ins
refuse to do business with someone (bus boycott)
A.A. sat at lunch counters to prove a point; non-violent
Martin Luther King Jr.

"I Have a Dream":
A.A. man who was a Civil Rights leader
Famous speech fiven by M.L.K. jr.