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What is the surroundings in which a person, plant, or animal lives?
What is a large estate or farm where one main crop is grown?
What is fabric made by weaving?
What is manufacturing that uses the latest engineering methods?
high-tech industry
What is the length of time between the last frost in spring and the first frost of fall?
growing season
What is the name used by the Southern states when they withdrew from the Union?
Confederate States of America
What did the northern states call themselves during the Civil War?
What is it called when we supply dry land with water through ditches, sprinklers, or other means?
What does a grid map help us do?
locate places
Who discovered over 300 uses for peanuts?
George Washington Carver
Where was the first flight?
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
What is the oldest permanent European settlement?
St. Augustine
What was the first permanent English settlement?
Jamestown, Virginia
Who won the Civil War?
Who was arrested for not moving to the back of the bus?
Rosa Parks
Who invented the cotton gin?
Eli Whitney
What bodies of water borders the Southeast Region?
Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico
What are the Everglades?
a grassy swamp in Florida
What event started the Civil War?
Southern troops fired on Fort Sumter