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Nephew of Sugriva, sent as a messenger to Ravana in order to give him the final warning before war
Wife of Sage Gautama, who committed adultery with Indra and was cursed to turn to stone as a result. Later became free as a result of Ram's touch
Capital of Kosala, court of King Dasaratha. Birthplace of Lord Ram
Son of Kaikeyi, given the throne by her manipulations. Refused to rule in place of Ram and placed Ram's sandals on the throne while he ruled as a regent.
Father of Ram, Emperor of the Kosala Kingdom. Ideal monarch, destroyed by Kaikeyi's boon requests to install Bharata as king in place of Ram.
Son of the wind God Vayu, Vanara and servant of Lord Ram. Uses his ability to fly and adjust size to cross the ocean to Lanka and discover Sita's whereabouts and condition.
Dynastic king of Lord Rama's lineage, who sometimes gives his name to their lineage. Son of Manu
Son of Ravana, wielder of the divine Bramhastra weapon. Bound Ram and Lakshman by serpents during the war; ultimately killed by Lakshman as he (Indrajit) attempted to perform a sacrifice that would ensure his invincibility
Venerable old monkey who helps Lord Ram find his wife Sita. Helps Hanuman realize his immense capabilities and encourages him to fly across the ocean to search for Sita in Lanka.
Saintly King and father of Sita. Proposed the ultimate test of stringing Shiva's bow to find Sita's suitor.
Demi-god with form of a vulture, attempted to save Sita as Ravana carried her off. Found with his wing cut off, by Ram and Lakshman, and instructs them that Ravana has taken Sita south.
Monstrous Rakshasa destroyed by Ram. Before being killed, asks Ram to burn his body. Afterwards, he comes out of the fire in his true form, a Gandharva, and counsels Ram in the war against Ravana.
Youngest of Dasaratha's three wives, mother of Bharata. Given two boons by Dasaratha and uses them to have Ram exiled and her son installed as King
Pity/compassion/sorrow, the main emotive mood of the Ramayana
Eldest of the three queens and mother of Lord Ram. Destroyed by Ram's exile and wishes to accompany him to the forest. Ram instructs her to remain with his father, for it is the foremost duty of a wife to care for her husband.
Capital of the vanara kingdom. Ruled by Vali who had usurped it from Sugriva, and is given back to Sugriva after he forms an alliance with Ram.
Ancient empire which Dasaratha rules from his capital, Ayodhya. Kingdom of the Raghuvamsa dynasty of rulers.
Brother of Ravana, cursed to sleep for six months at a time. Forcefully awaken by Ravana to fight in the war.
One of the twin sons of Lord Rama and Sita, disciple of Valmiki
The island kingdom of Ravana where Sita was being held, reached as a result of the great efforts of the Vanaras to build a bridge.
Twin brother of Shatrughuna, and closest companion of Rama. One of the three to accompany him into exile and a great hero of the epic himself, killing many formidable enemies including Ravana's powerful son Indrajit.
One of the twin sons of Lord Rama and Sita, disciple of Valmiki
After having his mother (a rakshasha) killed by Ram, Marica attacks Ram but is thrown far far away into the sea by one of Ram’s divine weapons. Later, he is forcefully enlisted by Ravana to change shape into a deer and attract Sita, in line with his plan to capture her
Wife of Ravana, chief among the others and mother of Indrajit
Celestial bard. Tells story of Rama to Valmiki
Forest tribe, Valmiki sees a Nisada hunter kill a male crane making love to its mate after having just heard the story of the Ramayana from Narada, and anguished at the pain of the crane, Valmiki curses the Nisada and as he speaks, he speaks poetry from his grief…thus poetry is born
Rakshasa king of Lanka who kidnaps Sita. Granted a boon from Lord Brahma after thousands of years of tapasya. Ultimately defeated by Ram
Virtuous celebate sage who is born with the horns of a deer, and is summoned to perform the horse sacrifice
Brother of Jatayus, who used to compete with one another in seeing who could fly higher, helps Ram
Banished from his kingdom after quarreling with his brother Vali who ousts him and steals his wife. Allies with Ram and defeats Vali to regain his kingdom.
Second wife of Dasaratha, mother of Lakshmana and Shatrughna
Lower caste woman who invites Ram to her ashrama and feeds him only the sweetest fruits; example of Ram's compassion to even his lowest devotees.
Sudra who is performing penance, and therefore violating his dharma. Decapitated by Ram
Twin brother of Lakshmana, son of Sumitra, and youngest of the sons of Dasaratha, closest with Bharata, kills Lavanasura
Specific meter of Sankrit used by Valmiki, has come to refer to any sanskrit verse and sometimes even poetry itself. Comes from word soka (grief)
Feeling of grief, felt by Valmiki when he saw the Nishada kill the mating crane, which led him to curse the hunter and recite poetry.
Ravana's sister who falls in love with Ram and is humiliated. Attacks Sita and is therefore attacked by Lakshman in his rage. Flees to Ravana and begs for his assistance for revenge.
First of the rakshasi’s slayed by Ram when he is only 15 years old, presents moral dilemma to him because she is a female but ultimately he must kill her
One of the friendly rakshasa women who was sympathetic to Sita
The composer of the Ramayana, gives shelter to Sita after her banishment from Ayodhya
Brother of Ravana who was of noble character, instructed Ravana to release Sita but when Ravana refused he defected to Rama’s side, and was coronated as the king of Lanka upon Ravana’s defeat
Horrible rakshasa who attempted to seize Sita in the forest, and who is ultimately buried alive by Ram and Lakshman.
Great sage who comes to Ayodhya asking for Ram and Lakshman’s help in killing some demons who were disturbing him. Teaches Ram divine weapons and knowledge in return for his assistance
Elder brother of Sugriva who had taken the kingdom from Sugriva after the two had quarreled, and is killed by Ram once Ram allies with Sugriva