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What is the region of Peru that includes stretches of dense tropical forest?
In the rain forest the leaves of the highest tress form a dense roof-like cover called
a canopy
a frozen area of land is called
a tundra
the process by which green plants and trees use water and sun to turn C02-oxygen
a time of increased prosperity
high plateau region in the Andes where a # of groups including Queshua live
A native American group that lives in the rain forest
desert located in northern Chile
rain forests are important because they contribute to Earths supply of
the capital of Brazil was moved from the coast to the interior because the government wished to
develop the interior by attracting people to it
The 3 main geographic regions of Peru are the
Sierra, the coastal plain, Montaza
Most Queschus people iving in the altiplano make a living by
farming, herding
Chile inspects all luggage brought into the country because
the country tries to protect agriculture products
Because Chile is located in the Southern Hemisphere, its seasons
occur the opposite of the US
Chile is the world's largest exporter of
In the early 80's Venezuela was the richest country in SA because
vast supplies of oil
When oil prices fell in the mid 80's, Venezuela's economy
suffered a decline
Most of the people of Brazil live along the
Chile has been protected from many agricultural pests and animal disease by
Santiago's pollution problem is caused in part by
Cities location in the Andes
Most of Venezuela's population lives
in the cities
How do the rain forests affecdt the worlds supply of oxygen
Rain forest plants produce it
What is unusual about the islands of Lake Titicaca
Made by Native American totoreeds