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new england clam chowder
a classic white cream based clam chowder. complimented with herbs and spices. served with oyster crackers on the side of soup.
manhatten style seafood chowder
a red tomatoe based seafood chowder, filled with fresh fish, shrimp, clams and herbs and spices. served with oyster crackers on side of soup
ivady's home grown chili
not too spicy, but not too mild. plenty of prime rib and red beans and harty ingredients. garnished wti hsharp cheddar cheese and green onions.
french fries
7 ounces of french fries, deep fried and topped with speical seasoning salt. served in a basket
pasta salad
penne pasta tossed with freshly chopped tomatoes, tri-colored peppers, spring onions and mayonnaise
garlic mashed potatoes
homemade creamy garlic mashed potoates, topped with freshly chopped parsley and green onions. made every 30 minutes to ensure freshness
cole slaw
classic southern slaw, slightly sweet
beans and rice
red beans with seasoned rice. WHITE RICE, don't recommend to vegetarian