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What generate's Sound in Sound Synthesis Techniques?
What do we need to make Amplitude Modulation?
Modulator Oscillator
Carrier Oscillator
as a resultof amplitude modulation you get.....
Side bands
Lower: Carrier - modulation Freq
Upper: Carrier+Modulation Freq
What is Amplitude Modulation?
It is the control of one sound by another sound
Amplitude Modulation has an offset so sound never .......
goes to zero
What is Ring Modulation?
It is Amplitude Modulation
but with out the offset
Does Ring Modulation have a lower and upper sideband and a carrier freq
just upper and lower no carrier frequency
Harmonic Spectrum definition
That of an interger Value
whole number multiple of this fundamental Freq of a vibrating object
Overtone definition
resonant Frequency above the fundamental Frequency
may or may not be harmonic
First Freq ratio
f to 2f
one octave
If one Frequency gets doubled what is that now?
2f to 3f
3f to 4f
4th to 5th
Major 3rd
how many cents are in a semitone?
How many cents are in a halftone
How many cents are in Wholetone
Frequency Pulsating
Amplitude Pulsating
Fourier Analysis
Process of decomposing a sound into its constituent Sine or Cosine.
Fourier Synthesis
The Construction of a periodic signal on the Basis of Fourier Coefficients Which give the Amplitude and Phase Angle of each component Sine Wave Harmonic.
Instruments besides having Frequencies that also have . . .
envelope content
Sine Wave-
No Harmonics
Sawtooth Wave-
Most Harmonics
Square wave-
harmonics in odd multiples
Odd with lower harmonics
peaks in the Harmonic Spectrum of a complex sound.
Does the formant change when you change the pitch
Frequency Modulation
Controls frequency instead of amplitude and modulates it
What do we get as a result of frequency modulation?
carrier + Modulation Freq
Carrier + 2 x Modulation Freq
Carrier + 3 x Modulation Freq
Keeps going FOREVER