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Sounds are caused by v______.
Do sound waves require a medium to travel?
Waves that require a medium are called m________ waves.
Sound waves oscillate parallel to the direction in which they travel. Therefore, sound waves are l_________ waves.
Waves that oscillate at 90 degrees to the direction in which they travel are called ____ waves.
Water waves and light waves are which type of waves -- longitudinal or transverse?
Light waves are which type of waves -- mechanical or electromagnetic?
Do electromagnetic waves require a medium to travel?
What mnemonic device helps remember the order of the electromagnetic waves?
What speed do electromagnetic waves travel in a vacuum?
light speed: 3 x 10^8 m/s
What speed do sound waves travel at 0 degrees C?
about 330 m/s
What happens to the speed of sound waves as the temperature increases?
Speed increases also
In which medium is sound fastest -- gas, liquid, solid?
If two identical sound waves are made to be 1/2 wavelength out of phase, what will happen to the sound?
It will disappear; destructive interference will occur as crests superimpose on troughs
A "crest" on a longitudinal wave is a ____.
A "trough" on a sound wave is an ____.
As a longitudinal wave passes through a medium, will any object in its path be moved to a new location?
No. The object will be moved forward, then backward and then placed back to the original spot.
Will a transverse wave, such as water, move an object forward?
No. The object will be moved up and down and then put back at original spot.
When a pipe is has a closed end and a standing sound wave is formed in it, how much of the sound wave's wavelength will fit in that pipe?
1/4 wavelength
When an open pipe is made to have an standing sound wave in it, how much of the sound wave's wavelength will fit in that pipe?
1/2 wavelength
If a pipe is made to be closed at one end while a sound wave is made in it, what happens to the sound when the pipe is opened?
The pitch or frequency increases by an octave
When sound pitch or frequency goes up by an octave, how much does the frequency increase?
frequency doubles
When pitch goes down an octave, how much does frequency decrease?
It halves.
The next octave up from C 256 Hz is ____ Hz.
Another word for pitch is ___.
The primary light colors are....
red, blue, green
The primary pigment colors are...
cyan, magenta, yellow
When two primary colors are blended together, you get a ____ color
Red + blue light =
magenta light
Red light + green light =
yellow light
Blue light + green light =
cyan light
Red light + blue light + green light =
white light
Magenta + cyan + yellow pigments =
black pigment
A plant appears green because it reflects ____ light and absorbs ____ and ____ light.
red and blue
Blue and yellow are _____ light colors. So are magenta & green and red & cyan.
When complementary light colors are blended together, ___ light results.
If green light shines on a red apple, the apple will appear ___ because the apple can only reflect red.
If yo see yellow on a soap film, then you actually are only seeing ___ and ___ light because blue was cancelled due to ____ interference
red, green
When a color is cancelled in thin films, it is because the thickness of the film is _____ (fraction??) of the wavelength of the cancelled color.
The cancellation of a color in thin films is caused by the ___ of light from the surface of the film and the inside back edge of the film.
Which color of light is cancelled in a thin film when you only see magenta?
Which color of light is cancelled in a thin film when you only see cyan?
A sound reflection is called an ____.
When a sound is moving toward you, what happens to the frequency and wavelength, according to the Doppler shift?
frequency increases
wavelength decreases
When a wave is moving away from you, what happens to the frequency and wavelength, according to the Doppler shift?
frequency decreases
wavelength increases
In Doppler shift, which variable does not change -- speed, frequency, wavelength?
speed of the wave
If a sound source moves much faster than the sound moves, a___ ____ will result.
sonic boom
When a boat moves faster than the waves it makes a ___ ___ will result.
bow wave
When a C 256 is played with a C 259, ___ beats will be heard every second.
When beats are heard from two close sounds played together, it is caused by....
alternating sections of constructive and destructive interference.