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What is the nomenclature of the Standard Organization and Regulation of the U.S.Navy (SORM)?
What is the 1st element of administration?
Which NAVAL operational planning, gives details of planning operations, logistics, communications, intelligence, and psychological warfare?
Which element of administration entails the orderly arrangement of materials and personnel by functions, in order to attain the objective of the unit?
What are the three pinciples of organization?
*unity of command
*span of control
*delegation of authority
What are the 2 types of controls that requires the unit commander to establish standards, measure performance against these standards, and require correction where diviations from standards exist?
MCP- management control program and individual performance controls
THE MCP was established in compliance of what ACT?
The Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) of 1982
In order to manage certain activites, the unit must establish what record managment guidline in accordance in what guidline?
*correspondance- secnavinst 5216.5c
*Forms- secnavinst 5213.10d
*Reports- secnavinst 5214.2b
*administrative issuances- secnav 5215.1c
*records disposal, storage, protection- secnavinst 5215.5d
*files- secnav 5210.1d
*classified, material control- opnavinst 5510.36
What shall be refered to concerning all requests for department of the navy records that can reasonably be interpreted as requests under the Freedom of Information ACT?
SECNAV 5720.42e
Which instruction must be carefully followed concerning collecting personal information and safe guarding, maintaining, using, accessing, amending, and disseminating personal informatin maintained in systems of records?
secnavinst 5211.5d