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What does 'carpe dien' mean
seize the day
Vernerable Bede said that, "life was full of..." what?
ShakeSpeare said that, 'life is a..." what?
Thomas Hobbes said that we have to give up something in order to get a long with each other, what was it?
Special Freedoms
Desacrates was from what country?
What two languages did Desacrates write in?
French and Latin
What does "cognito ergo sum" mean?
I think, there for I am.
hat did Desacrates believe that two forms of reality were?
thought and extension
Spinoza belonged to a (?) community in Amsterdam.
Spinoza believed that the (?) was not inspired by (?)
Bible, God
What method did Spinoza refer to in his formulations?
geometrical method
John Locke determined between (?) and reflection.
what was John Locke's most important thing that he wrote called?
Essay Concerning Human Nature
What does Tabula Rosa Mean?
blank slate
David Hume believed in what laws?
universal laws
Where was George Bjerkely from?
George Bjerkely was an irish, what?
an irish bishop
George Bjerkely believed that the big spirit was what?
Who wrote 'Oration on the Dignity of Man"?
Pico Della Mirandola
What did Marscillio Ficino start in Florence?
The Plationic Academy
What was Francis Bacon's most important book?
"Novum Organum"
Novum Organum means what?
New Organ
What did Bacon think you had to rid your self of in order to truely understand the world?
a) prejudice
b) bias
What things helped promote the scientific method?
a) the telescope
b) the printing press
c) the compass
What book did John Locke write?
Essay Concerning Human Understanding