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Mission Statement
To provide the highest level of SAFETY, SERVICE, and SECURITY; and to ASSIST governmental agencies during emergencies when requested.
Primary Objectives
(1) Collision Prevention/Traffic Mgmt: minimize injury, damage, and loss of life from TC's, and to ensure safe and efficient movement on roadways.

(2) Emergency Incident Mgmt: minimize exposure to hazards from emergency incidents and planned events.

(3) Statewide Law Enforcement: presence in the areas of (a) state assets and infrastructure (b) protecting constitutional officers (c) minimizing crime

(4) Service: that encompasses information, enforcement, and education to all who might benefit.

(5) Assistance: to public agencies
How often is the master schedule to be checked normally? During EVOC?
Each day (normally)

Hourly (EVOC)
Do you need permission from the PT staff or staff office to use the gym and PT facilities?
What PT areas must two or more cadets be present to use?
Outside PT areas, weight lifting room, water safety tank, and whirlpool.
Where do visitations take place during business hours? During non-business hours?
Lobby of the administration bldg

As specified by the staff officer; visitors report to the staff office
How should visitors pick cadets up on libery days during business hours? During non-business hours?
Wait in lobby of the administration bldg

Wait in west side of the recreation bldg or in their vehicle
What should you do if you make a mistake on the locator sheet while signing out in/out?
Draw a single line through the error and make the correct entry directly above it. Immediately notify a duty officer.
Who must approve special liberty?
The staff office
Is it permissible to leave campus to do errands?
What are some examples of inappropriate liberty attire?
Shorts, tank tops, plain white T's, sweat pants, clothing with unacceptable printing, sandals, badly faded blue jeans, etc
How do you coordinate off site medical appointments?
Coordinate through the staff office, must check out with on-duty staff officer.

When an appointment is made, immediately submit a blue card to the staff office to notify of the date/time/location.
Can pool vehicles be used for off site medical appointments?
If the illness/injury is industrial. If it is not, then the cadets personal vehicle should be used, although a pool vehicle can be checked out if a personal vehicle is not available.
When are meals served?
Mo - Sa: 0645-0730, 1145-1230, 1645-1730

Su: 0800, 1200, 1700
Hot liquids go where, cups or glasses?

Can paper cups be used in the cafeteria?

How are tables to be filled?
Starting from the east side of their designated area, cadets shall fill in each table as they arrive.
What must be done if you stay the weekend? What is the penalty for not doing this?
Sign up for meals; after consumption, initial sign-up sheet.

Failure to initial, consume, or consumption of a meal without signing up results in a wednesday night.
Where and what days are pickup and delivery for outside laundry?

When must clothing be removed?
In the recreation bldg near the squad folders on Tu/Fr.

On the day of delivery
Where are cadet uniforms delivered when cleaned and when must they be removed?
The dayrooms; remove on the day of delivery
Company Commander: tasks
Appointed by the staff office.

-Carry out orders from staff office
-Present company for formation/PT
-Select cadet to maintain company BBS in recreation bldg
-Select cadet to maintain mailbox area of recreation bldg
-Serve as direct liason btwn the company and staff office
Drill Instructors: tasks
Appointed by staff office.

-Lead close order drill during morning formations
Mail Clerks: tasks
Appointed by staff office.

-Collecting & distributing mail to their company
-Check for mail at least twice daily: morning & afternoon
-Assist supply clerks
Supply Clerks: tasks
Appointed by staff office.

-Obtain and distribute class materials (obtain blue card from instructor)
-Report to supply office regularly and distribute info
-Return unused class materials to supply office
-Ensure adequate supplies are available in classroom and mailbox area
Flag Detail: tasks
Appointed by staff office.

-Consists of 6 cadets from each junior company
-Conduct flag ceremony using proper military protocol
-Flags raised Mo-Fr 0730-1700
-Details not participating in the flag raising that day practice at location their company drills
Audio Visual Operator: tasks
Appointed by staff office.

-Develop a working knowledge of all audio/visual and lighting equipment in the classrooms and operate as directed by instructor
Where are food and beverages specifically prohibited?
Classrooms, dorms, gym, and pool area.
Can bottled water be stored and consumed in classrooms? How about dorms?
Can be stored in classroom, but not consumed. Can be stored and consumed in dorms.
Is side handle baton practice allowed in dorm rooms or classrooms?
Which types of shoe polish cannot be used in carpeted areas?
Liquid shoe polish and edge dressing. If applied, make sure boots are dry before allowing on carpet.
How do you report building discrepancies?
Use work order forms (091-90), located in mail slot area. Submit forms to staff office.
What items should not be kept in your backpack in the classroom?
1. Personal items of value (wallets, jewelry, credit cards, paychecks, check books, cash, cell phones, pagers, sun glasses, car keys, etc)
2. Food
If you expect to be absent from a class for more than one hour, what should you do?
Place all study materials on your seat
What should be removed from the classroom after training hours?
All personal and state materials
If there is damaged equipment in the recreation room, who do you report it to?
The P.X. operator
Use of restrooms is prohibited in which building?
The recreation bldg
Which dorm doors must be locked at all times? What is the penalty if not complied with?

Are there any exceptions?
Outside entry doors and dorm room doors; violations will result in a censurable incident card.

Yes, dorm room doors may be unlocked when a cadet is physically present and awake.
Can cadets enter into another cadets room? Are there any exceptions?
No cadet may enter anothers dorm room, foyer or washroom, except for study btwn 1730 and 2200 on weekdays and 0900 and 2100 on wknds.
Can cadets of the opposite gender meet in each others dorm rooms? If so, what are the guidelines for doing so?
Yes. The door must be kept wide open, all cadets must be in full uniform and all cadets must be notified.
When can academy personnel enter dorm rooms?
Any time
When studying or relaxing in their dorm rooms, what must cadets wear?
Appropriate attire
When are bathroom doors to be kept open and closed?
Closed when in use, open when not in use.
What are the hours of minimum noise? What hours are lights out?
1745 to 2300 - minimum noise
2300 to 0400 - lights out
What time must cadets be in their dorms and what time must lights be off, on liberty nights?
In dorms by 0015, lights out by 0030
What is the penalty for failing to report dorm room damage?
Censurable incident report, CHP 2
What parts of the dorm room shall be dusted?
All furniture, window and door ledges, study areas, lamps, and heating/AC vents
How are dorm roosm divided up, in terms of cleaning responsibility?
An imaginary line down the center, with each cadet responsible for his side. A third cadet is reponsible for his bunk, metal locker, heater/AC unit and entry way.
What is the penalty for failing to sign for a community gig?
All affected cadets receive the gig
Whats the penalty for dorm discrepancies? Multiple discrepancies?
Gig; multiple discrepanies may result in a wed night
What must be turned off when leaving your dorm room? Who gets in trouble for leaving the heater/AC on?
All lights and heating/AC system; occupant in the top bunk (3 cadets), or whoever's side of the room the heating/AC system is located (2 cadets)
Which months must window drapes be left open and which months must they be closed?
Closed during the day from Apr 1 through Oct 31; open Nov 1 thru Mar 31
What is to be locked up and where is it to be locked up when away from dorm room?

What is the penalty?
All personal items (wallets, check books, jewelry, credit cards, paychecks, prescription drugs, cash, cell phones/chargers, sun glasses, electronic razors, irons, car keys, etc), all state-issued items (except manuals and rechargeable flashlight) shall be locked in dorm closets.

Wed night; CHP 2 for safety equipment
Should you leave books and book bags out on the dorm desks or floor when you're not present?
Where is the rechargeable flashlight and charging unit to be kept?
Lens down on the desk under the lamp with the electrical cord neatly wrapped up. Make sure the unit is plugged in and the charge light is on when away from room.
What isn't allowed in the dorm rooms?
Ammunition, empty casings, mace, flammable or explosive material
What should you do if you find live ammo in the dorm room or on your person?
Immediately turn it into the staff office
How do you keep prescription drugs?
Notify the staff office via blue card of medication name, dosage and reason for taking
Which side of the closet do you hang uniforms on and which side is for civilian clothes?
Uniforms on the left, civies on the right
Where do you keep dirty laundry?
In a laundry bag hung from the wooden dowel/hook in the closet
Where do shoes go?
In a reat row on the closet floor
How many suitcases are allowed and how should they be stored?
2; store them unlocked
Where should books be stored?
Top closet shelf in a neat row
Can you use an air freshener for your dorm?
Yes its recommended to store it behind the window curtain
How should closet be kept? Does it need to be cleaned?
Orderly; inside of closet door frame shall be dusted
Where does athletic clothing go?
Neatly on racks provided on back of dorm doors
What personal items may be left outside desk or closet?
One clock and two photographs
The only place cell phones are permitted is...? What must be done if a cell phone is kept on campus? When must cell phones be turned off?
Dorms only; the staff office must be provided with the cell phone number; phones off btwn 2200 and 0730
Can cadets rearrange metal lockers or beds?
What articles may not be left in the shower or on the sink shelves?
Personal articles, such as soap, shaving equipment, shampoo, etc.
What must be done after washroom use?
Wipe sink, counter and adjoining shelves clean; wipe floor and sink free of standing water; flush toilet (after use); close all drawers and doors
Is it permissable to leave washroom lights and fan on? If so, during what hours?
Yes, btwn 0800 and 1700 on training days
What must be hung on washroom hooks and racks?
Towels and washcloths on the towel racks; wet articles (towels, swim wear) on hooks
When is linen exchange day?
Monday at 1230 (Tuesday at 1230 if Monday is a holiday)
How do you prepare you linen on linen exchange day?
Prior to 0800, stack (in order): blankets, linen and pillow, on foot of bed
Where can you exchange soiled linen for clean linen?
Linen supply room located in the dayroom/laundry room
How do you prepare linen you exchange at the linen supply room?
Place two sheets from each bed in pillow cover from each bed
When are bed to be remade after linen exchange on linen exchange day?
After 1700 hours
Are cadets allowed to walk through the center of the quad?
What outside areas should cadets normally walk on?
Sidewalks and roadways unless otherwise instructed
When are cadets allowed to enter the administration bldg?
Only if they have been given specific permission by the staff office or instructor, or if the cadet is part of the flag detail or mail clerk.