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The national anthem of the United Kingdom is titled "God Save" what?
The Queen
What business icon says "You're fired" at the end of each episode of the hit TV show "The Apprentice"?
Donald Trump
According to Nabisco, "Twist, Lick and Dunk" is the proper way to each what cookie?
What NFL team's mascots are named Edgar, Allen and Poe?
Baltimore Ravens
Which of these man-made structures is specifically designed to prevent flooding?
Ronald Reagan's father game him what nickname as a child?
Usually served cold, gazpacho is a traditional soup of what country?
In 2004, Britney Spears spent hours married to a man who shares his name with what "Seinfeld" actor?
Jason Alexander
A sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet is called a what?
What navigator disappeared along with Amelia Earhart in 1937?
Fred Noonan
The first condom commercial to air on network TV ran in 1991 during the broadcast of what TV series?
Herman's Head
Neurologists believe that the brain's medial ventral prefrontal cortex is activated when you do what?
Get a joke
In a 2000 hit song, the Baha Men ask the now famous question "Who let the" what "out"?
In February 2004, who quit her job at NBC News to focus on her duties as first lady of California?
Maria Shriver
"Picking up a 7-10 split" is considered the most difficult shot in what sport?
What term, coined in the '90s, is often used by the media to refer to chic, well-groomed men?
The subject of a famous Revolutionary War poem, the "shot heard round the world" was fired in what state?
While hosting the 1995 Oscars, who made the infamous introduction "Uma, Oprah, Oprah, Uma"?
David Letterman
What does the "C" stand for in the medical term "CAT scan"?
What movie's title character claims to "have a head for business and a bod for sin"?
Working Girl
In the Chinese calendar, January 22, 2004 marked the first day of the Year of the what?
Which of the following is not one of England's famous literary Brontë sisters?
In the 120-count box of Crayola crayons, which of the following is not the name of a crayon color?
Gray matter
What scientist first determined that human sight results from images projected onto the retina?
Johannes Kepler
The last known sighting of labor leader Jimmy Hoffa was on July 30, 1975 at what Michigan restaurant's parking lot?
Machus Red Fox
What specialist is commonly depicted putting people to sleep using a pocket watch?
Famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil calls what state home?
Which of these health professionals is often known as a "medical examiner"?
Which of these desserts must be refrigerated as part of its preparation?
Jell-O gelatin
In a 2001 speech, Charlton Heston famously shouted "From my cold, dead hands!" while clutching a what?
In 2003, who reunited for the "Old Friends" tour, their first concert tour in 20 years?
Simon and Garfunkel
At the Olympics, what event is featured in both the men's and women's gymnastics competition?
The word "java" comes from an island belonging to what coffee-producing country?
In the Golden Globe-winning British comedy "The Office," the office engages in what business?
Paper supply
In a famous scene from "The Wizard of Oz," Dorothy frets about "Lions and tigers and" what?
Which of these common Latin phrases means "to a sickening degree"?
Ad nauseam
The feared conqueror Genghis Khan was the leader of what ancient people?
What property of wine is often referred to as its "bouquet"?
What toy was inspired when its creator saw kids playing with pencils, sticks, and old spools of thread?
What animal makes a high-pitched cackling noise that is often referred to as "laughing"?
Spotted hyena
What beloved television personality's cardigan sweater is on display at the Smithsonian?
Mister Rogers
Which of the following is not currently a variety of M&Ms candy?
By definition, a megalomaniac suffers from which of these psychological conditions?
Delusions of grandeur
In the "Harry Potter" book series, wizards refer to nonmagical humans as what?
In a standard game of poker, which of these hands is the best?
Straight flush
The fastest-spreading virus in Internet history, which was released in January 2004, is named what?
Alecia Moore is the real name of what "missundaztood" pop singer?
In the Shakespeare quotation, "Wherefore art thou Romeo?" what does the word "wherefore" mean?
When in office, what US President was blinded in one eye after a boxing accident?
Theodore Roosevelt
Which of these metallic elements is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust?
Put these TV series in order of their original debut, starting with the earliest.
In a 1977 hit song, The Commodores compared a woman to a "brick" what?
According to a famous TV jingle, "Almond Joy's got nuts," but what "don't"?
In the story "The Three Little Pigs," the second pig builds his house out of what?
What mental disorder takes its name from Greek words meaning "split" and "mind"?
The Oscar-nominated 2003 movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" is subtitled "The Curse of the" what?
Black Pearl
What sport is the origin of the slang word "tubular"?
What herb's seeds are often said to taste like licorice?
How many US states have one of the four compass directions in their name?
In the US, music companies customarily release new CDs on what day of the week?
Since 1953, "Can this Marriage be Saved?" has been a regular feature of what women's magazine?
Ladies' Home Journal
Put these toys in order by when they were first introduced in the US, starting with the earliest.
In 2004, Mattel announced that Barbie has called it quits with what long time beau?
A person known as a "Benedict Arnold" has been labeled a what?
What condiment's name comes from Native American words meaning "avocado" and "sauce"?
An antihistamine is a type of drug widely used to treat which of the following?
In a 1980 hit by The Vapors, the singer thinks he might be turning what?
Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech ends with what three-word phrase?
Free at last
In Internet lingo, the abbreviation "URL" stands for "Uniform" what?
Resource Locator
Put these actresses in order by when they first won the Best Actress Oscar, starting with the earliest.
According to a Jerry Lee Lewis hit from the '50s, there's a "whole lotta" what "goin' on"?
The Maharaja Mac, made with mutton instead of beef, is a popular McDonald's burger in what country?
What does the word "con" stand for in the phrase "con artist"?
In math, what term is used to describe an angle measuring 90 degrees?
The last verse of what children's song features the line, "The cheese stands alone"?
The Farmer in the Dell
The reality show "The Simple Life" featured hotel heiress Paris Hilton roughing it with the daughter of what singer?
Lionel Richie
Mexican jumping beans "jump" because the larvae of what insect are located inside them?
Put these world leaders in order by their year of birth, starting with the most recent.
In the classic Disney movie, Snow White dreamily sings, "Some day my" what "will come"?
In 1989, the fall of communism was signaled by the historic dismantling of a wall dividing what city?
A pizza pie with one slice missing was the inspiration for what classic video game character?
The word "bootleg" comes from an old practice in which smugglers hid what in their boots?
What supermodel is the creator and host of the TV series "America's Next Top Model"?
Tyra Banks
In government, the so-called "trickle down theory" is commonly used to justify what?
Tax cuts
The Romans originally established the length of a mile as how many paces walked off by a soldier?
The 2003 movie "Master and Commander" is based on the novels of what best-selling author?
Patrick O'Brian
Which of these pro athletes attended the 2004 State of the Union address as a guest of the president?
Tom Brady
Urushiol is the chemical that causes people to have unpleasant physical reactions to what?
Poison ivy
Most scientists believe that life appeared on Earth approximately how many years ago?
4 Billion
Put these TV hosts in order by when their talk shows first debuted, starting with the most recent.
According to a classic children's song, "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man's doing what?"
Dr. Joseph Lister, a pioneer in antiseptic medicine, is the namesake for a famous brand of what?
A biblioklept by definition is someone who does what?
Steals books
In 2003, Martha Stewart was indicted on charges related to her sale of shares in what company?
ImClone Systems
The 2004 movie "Miracle" chronicles the U.S.'s historic victory over the Soviet Union in what Olympic sport?
Ice Hockey
On the teen series "Saved by the Bell," class nerd Samuel Powers was better known by what name?
Majority Leader Bill Frist represents what state in the US Senate?
Able to make sounds that measure up to 188 decibels, which of these animals is the loudest on Earth?
Blue whale
Since 2000, the United States' largest annual trade deficit has been with what country?
What does the R.R. stand for in the name of Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien?
Ronald Reuen
Put these Roman numerals in order, starting with the lowest.
The line "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" refers to what historic event?
First man on the moon
The word "astrology" comes from Greek roots meaning "to speak of" what?
Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles cereal boxes feature characters from what animated TV series?
The Flintstones
Arrhythmia is a common medical condition characterized primarily by what symptom?
Irregular heartbeat
"Erethizon dorsatum," meaning "to irritate with back," is the scientific name of what mammal?
Which of these everyday things is also known as a pylon?
Traffic cone
The Google home page features a search option labeled "I'm feeling" what?
In the 2003 movie "Lost in Translation," Bill Murray's character is in Tokyo to shoot an ad for what?
Suntory whiskey
Fidel Castro has been in power in Cuba during the terms of how many US presidents?
Put these movies in order by the number of sequels they spawned, starting with the most.
Celine Dion's omnipresent love theme to the movie "Titanic" is titled "My" what "Will Go On"?
A person who is said to be "talking smack" about you is doing what?
Insulting you
An oven used to bake ceramic pottery is called a what?
In 1971, Nicaraguan beauty Bianca Perez Morena de Macias married what rock star in St. Tropez?
Mick Jagger
The popular patriotic song "God Bless America" ends with what word?
Including the end zones, an NFL football field is how many feet long?
The FDA Nutrition Facts chart, found on food labels, lists what piece of information first?
Serving Size
Carly Fiorina, listed in Fortune as the most powerful woman in business, is the CEO of what company?
Gordon Shumway was the actual name of the title character of what 1980s TV series?
If you have a penny and double your money every day, how long would it take to reach $1 Million?
27 Days
Now used primarily by the blind, Braille writing was derived from a system originally used by whom?
Although the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, fifty of the 56 delegates signed it on what day?
Put these movies in order by their first theatrical release, starting with the most recent.
According to a children's song, who "sees you when you're sleeping" and "knows when you're awake"?
Santa Claus
What hormone is primarily responsible for masculine traits such as facial hair and deep voice?
Which of these TV. series titles contains an ampersand?
Law & Order
In 2004, the US Supreme Court heard arguments that the words "under God" should be removed from what?
Pledge of Allegiance
In a public statement, Justin Timberlake famously blamed the 2004 Super Bowl halftime debacle on a what?
Wardrobe Malfunction
The word "quarantine" comes from an old practice of isolating ships for how long?
40 days
George Orwell's classic novel "Animal Farm" features a tyrannical pig named what?
Which of these cities-in-the-news is not located in Iraq?
In the 2004 movie, "Mean Girls," a naive teen tangles with a popular clique of girls nicknamed what?
The Plastics
At the 2004 Summer Olympics, what new event will be featured?
Women's wrestling
Botulism, a type of food poisoning, gets its name from a Latin word meaning what?
Put these TV catchphrases in order of their debut, starting with the most recent.
In 1998, Bill Clinton famously stated, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss" what?
The Rolling Stones' hit 1965 song "Satisfaction" is subtitled what?
I Can't Get No
A type of light meal, the continental breakfast gets its name due to its origin on what continent?
Which of these animals defends itself using a poisonous stinger on the tip of its tail?
Introduced in 2004, the device known as the "Bleepinator" is to be used by broadcasters to do what?
Edit offensive language
Dermatoglyphic studies usually involve the analysis of what physical characteristic?
Convicted serial killer Aileen Wuornos is the subject of what 2003 movie?
Which of these US states is located entirely within the Central time zone?
In 2004, NASA announced the discovery of the solar system's most distant object, a "planetoid" named what?
On 1995, what US Supreme Court justice added Gilbert-and Sullivan-inspired gold stripes to his robe?
William Rehnquist
Put these useful products in order by when they were introduced to the U.S., starting with the earliest.
When playing hide-and-seek, the child who is "it" traditionally calls out "Ready or not," what?
Here I come
From 1961-1965, Americans observed the centennial of what major US conflict?
American Civil War
Introduced in 1982, Chia Pets are animal figurines with "fur" made of what?
By definition, a Mephistophelian person resembles a what?
In 2004, Tiger Woods appeared in a prominent ad campaign parodying what classic sports movie?
Common among Hindu women, a bindi is an ornamental red dot worn where on the body?
Between the eyebrows
Named after a region in France, the Anjou is a variety of what fruit?
President Bush gave his famous "Mission Accomplished" speech in 2003 aboard what aircraft carrier?
Abraham Lincoln
Who coined the term "Homo sapiens", the scientific name for modern humans?
Carolus Linnaeus
In a 1992 episode of "The Simpsons," Maggie's first word, "daddy," was voiced by what actress?
Elizabeth Taylor
Who was Auguste Rodin's original inspiration for his famous sculpture, "The Thinker"?
Dante Alighieri
Put these famous women in order by their year of birth, starting with the earliest.
According to a popular children's rhyme, "Fuzzy Wuzzy had no" what?
No-nonsense TV personality Judith Sheindlin is better known to millions of viewers as what?
Judge Judy
The term "perp walk" usually refers to a media event in which who are put on display?
Criminal suspects
Which of these US cities is named after a mythical bird?
In 2004 what Internet giant filed initial public offering papers that promised to make "the world a better place"?
In the well-known abbreviation NAACP, the second A stands for what?
The novel “The Da Vinci Code” focuses on a theory that the Holy Grail is actually what Biblical figure?
Mary Magdalene
In 2004 what team's fans tried to end a decades-long curse by blowing up an infamous baseball?
Chicago Cubs
In 1952 what country became the third to test an atomic bomb?
Great Britain
A common ingredient in ice cream and toothpaste, carrageenan is an extract of what?
A person who suffers from coulrophobia suffers from an intense fear of what?
Put these performers in order by when they released their debut album, starting with the earliest.
In a classic ad for Crest, a young girl opens wide and says, "Look, Ma! No" what?
In 2003, heartthrob Ashton Kutcher raised eyebrows when he began romancing what older actress?
Demi Moore
People who have aquagenic pruritis experience intense itching when they come in contact with what?
Due its Christian symbolism, what animal is traditionally depicted on weather vanes?
In May 2004 what country refused to allow a Tom Cruise movie to film in its Parliament building, the Reichstag?
In 2004 what school made history by winning both the mens and womens NCAA basketball titles in the same year?
University of Connecticut
Which of these newspapers features distinctive portraits called dot-drawings instead of actual photos?
Wall Street Journal
Known for its bright colors, the gerbera is a type of what flower?
On the hit TV series The Sopranos, which of these mobsters has not yet been whacked?
Ralph Cifaretto
Put these US states in order by the number of electoral votes they will have in 2004, starting with the lowest.
In 2004 Mary Kate and Ashley announced they no longer wanted to be referred to as the Olsen what?
In the US what date is customarily written as 2/3/04?
Due to the rationing of silver foil, which of these candies were not produced during WWII?
Hershey’s Kisses
In the expression "to give props," the word props is short for what word?
What primate's name comes from a Malay phrase meaning "man of the forest," not from its reddish-brown hair?
Schrivener's palsy is a physical condition more commonly known as what?
Writer’s cramp
In 2004's much hyped Friends finale, what beloved possession of Joey's is destroyed?
Foosball table
In 2004, counterterrorism official Richard Clarke released a controversial book about 9/11 titled what?
Against All Enemies
Put these advertising catchphrases in order of their original debut, starting with the earliest.
In a well-known ad campaign, what phrase is used to describe a popular Thursday night lineup of shows?
Must See
In the saying "none of your beeswax," what does "beeswax" mean?
By definition, a coven is a group consisting of what "unlucky" number of witches?
Which of these animals' habitats is primarily subterranean?
Michael Buffer coined his phrase "Let's get ready to rumble" as an announcer for what sport?
In 2004, the FDA banned the use of ephedra in supplements commonly taken to do what?
Lose weight
Which of these common shapes is also called a hexahedron?
Put these numbers in alphabetical order according to how they are spelled out.
The word "aphrodisiac" comes from the name of the Greek goddess of what?
What 1970s group's various members usually included a sailor, a construction worker and a cop?
The Village People
Which of these vehicles commonly use sonar technology for navigation?
Because its date depends on the lunar cycle, what holiday is celebrated in either March or April?
Which of these words is usually used to refer to men and not women?
A 19th-century Chinese nurseryman named Ah Bing is the namesake for a famous variety of what fruit?
In January 2004, what controversial sports figure released the autobiography "My Prison Without Bars"?
Pete Rose
What two characters got married on the last episode of "Beverly Hills 90210"?
David and Donna
In 2004 what artist's painting, "Boy With a Pipe," sold at auction for a record-breaking $104 million?
When a car's air bags are activated, they are usually inflated with what kind of gas?
What is the only continent that does not have a continental divide?
What song lyric graces the tombstone of legendary singer Frank Sinatra?
The best is yet to come
Put these TV series in geographic order by their primary setting, starting in California and going east.
The term "chick flick" is commonly used to refer to movies that appeal to what group?
What is the punch line to the classic joke that begins, "I just flew in from the coast?"
Boy are my arms tired
What TV series introduced Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, widely dubbed reality TV's best villain of all time?
The Apprentice
What physical condition's name comes from an ancient Greek word meaning "to breathe hard"?
In geometry, a circle's radius can be determined by multiplying its diameter by what?
Founded in 1994, the Juicy Couture fashion line is best known for its stylish updates of what apparel?
Track suits
In the 2004 movie The Passion of Christ the actors speak in Latin and what other ancient language?
Siamese cats typically have what color eyes?
Put these doctors in order by their year of birth starting with the earliest.
Forming a V with the index and middle fingers is typically used to symbolize what?
What scientist is the name sake of a scale used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes?
Charles Richter
Due to a famous blunder what pop star appeared in 2003 a music video eating Chicken of the Sea Tuna?
Jessica Simpson
Masticating is a fancy word for what common activity?
Since 1978 the US Government has strictly limited the use of what substance in household paints?
Because she plays one on TV, Jennifer Garner appeared in a recruiting video for whom?
CIA agents
Naan a type of flat bread is commonly served in what type of restaurants?
A Sports arena favorite the Gary Glitter song "Rock and Roll Part 2" features what one word lyric?
Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England, is a member of what royal house?
Which one of these South American Countries is located entirely within the Northern Hemisphere?
Put these structures in order of their height starting with the shortest
In American history the Nina. the Pinta, and the Santa Maria are a famous trio of what?
Nearly 50% of donated blood in the US is supplied by what organization?
American Red Cross
The definition an amorphous object has no distinct what?
Which of the following aquatic creatures is not actually a fish?
At the 2004 Oscars host Billy Crystal quipped there is nobody left in what country to thank?
New Zealand
"Onus probandi" is Latin for what well known legal concept?
Burden of Proof
Put these toys in the order they were introduced started with the earliest.
The non profit organization PETA supports the ethical treatment of what group?
In the recent Spider-man movie Spider-man fights crime in a familiar skintight suit of what colors?
Red and Blue
The expression "jumping the gun" originated in what sport?
In the TV series Joan of Arcadia, Joan has the unusual ability to do what?
Converse with God
In the equation 2x+1=9, x is called the what?
Democrat John Kerry’s wife Teresa was once married to the heir of what food company’s fortune?
The catchphrase "To boldly go where no man has gone before" features what grammatical problem?
Split infinitive
Which of these types of meat traditionally comes form an animal’s thigh?
Which of these songs has never been parodied by musical jokester Weird Al Yankovic?
I Will Survive
The historic city of Troy subject of a 2004 movie is located in what present day county?
Which of these compounds in the human body is classified by scientists as a steroid?
Thanksgiving Day was inspired by a feast that the Pilgrims shared in 1621 with what Native American tribe?
Put these famous US Generals in order by their year of birth, starting with the most recent.
Insider Trading is a crime that involves the purchase and sale of what?
Corporate Stock
What body part shares its name with a verb meaning to tease?
Which of these fictitious creatures is commonly described as being "undead"?
Made famous by TVs "Seinfeld" "Yada, yada, yada" is usually used to indicate what?
Idle Chatter
In the media, the states that vote Republican in presidential elections are usually identified by what color?
In competitive swimming, what stroke is most commonly used in Freestyle events?
Front Crawl
In what language do women's last names traditionally end with an "a"?
Put these monster movies in order by their first theatrical release, starting with the most recent.
Occurring in about 7% of all people, "O Negative" is a relatively rare what?
Blood Type
In 1985, Nike introduced Air Jordan, a popular line of sneakers designed for use in what sport?
Which of these prehistoric animals is classified as a member of the Elephanidae family?
Woolly Mammoth
In the 1800s the US pursued a policy of territorial expansion known as "Manifest" what?
In the "Austin Powers" movies, Austin is fond of what saucy exclamation?
Oh, Behave!
Often used during the 9/11 hearings the abbreviation "PDB" stands for "Presidential Daily" what?
Which of the following is not a type of sub-atomic particle?
Which of these Grammy winning artists is not part of 2004's much hyped Ladies First tour?
Mary J. Blige
"By any means necessary" was a slogan popularized by what famous activist?
Malcolm X
Arabic is not the official language in which of these countries?
Put these time durations in order by their length, starting from the shortest.
"Stickup" is a slang word for what criminal act?
Modeled after the public buildings of ancient Rome, a basilica is a type of what?
By definition, melancholia is a condition characterized by extreme feelings of what?
In 2003 Subway introduced "Atkins-friendly" wraps that promise to be low in what?
In a famous Robert Frost poem, a traveler finds "two roads" and chooses which one?
The one less traveled
American Idol reject William Hung became an instant celebrity due to his mangled version of what pop song?
She Bangs
In the federal law known as "RICO", the "R" stands for what?
"Hoy", the title of a major Spanish-language newspaper, means what in English?
In 2004, who did Entertainment Weekly magazine name as the funniest person in America?
Chris Rock
Waterloo, the site of Napoleon's 1815 defeat, is a small town in what European country?
Put these US capitals in geographic order, starting in California and going east.
Doctors are commonly associated with the advice "Take two aspirin and" do what?
Call me in the morning
Kids traditionally say "jinx" when they accidentally do what at the same time?
Say the same word
Derived from Latin, the word "lunatic" comes from the belief that odd behavior is caused by what?
The Moon
Teacher John Scopes became the defendant in a famous 1925 trial due to his approach to what subject?
The stars of TV's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" are usually known by what name?
Fab Five
A common palindrome begins "A man, a plan, a canal" and ends with what country's name?
In the 2004 movie "50 First Dates," Drew Barrymore's character has what classic film malady?
Memory Loss
Which of the following is not the title of a Shakespeare play?
The Way of the World
What is the term for a common Internet scam that uses fake e-mails to trick you into giving out personal data?
Which of these animal parts is also known as a "carapace"?
Turtle's shell
What US state's two Republican senators voted "not guilty" in Bill Clinton's impeachment trial?
Put these organizations in the order they were founded, starting with the earliest.
In 2004, AAA reported that the average price of what has reached an all-time nationwide high?
In math, the "greater than" and "less than" symbols resemble what letter turned on its side?
Big League Chew, a brand of gum, was created by what athletes as an alternative to chewing tobacco?
Baseball players
In the film "Taxi Driver," Robert De Niro's character looks into a mirror and asks what famous question?
You talkin' to me?
In 1995, residents of what province voted against seceding from Canada by a margin of just 1%?
Due to his simple approach to cooking, British TV chef Jamie Oliver is often known by what nickname?
The Naked Chef
A common feature of Gothic architecture, gargoyles were originally constructed to do what?
Drain rainwater
According to tradition, a person gives "two weeks notice" before he does what?
Quits a job
The adjective "gangsta" is often used to describe a type of what musical genre?
According to a famous inspirational sports quotation, There's no 'I' in what?
The cause of a serious health crisis in Asia, avian flu is spread primarily through what animals?
In the 2003 Steve Martin comedy "Cheaper by the Dozen," the "dozen" in the title refers to what?
Which of these brand names is an example of alliteration?
Krispy Kreme
The sciatic nerve runs through which of these parts of the human body?
Which of these famous criminal defendants of the 1990s received a "not guilty" verdict on all counts?
Lorena Bobbitt
Introduced in 1981, NutraSweet is most commonly used as a substitute for what?
What adjective is used to describe animals that sleep during the day and are active at night?
The phrase "six feet under," used in the title of a popular cable TV series, alludes to the depth of what?
In May 2004, Sonia Gandhi's Congress Party returned to power in what country's parliament?
In which of these card games do you say the name of the game when you win a hand?
In the 2003 movie "Finding Nemo," Nemo's father eventually finds him in what city?
During intense physical activity, a person's muscles produce what type of acid?
Lactic acid
In 2004, what performer has had mixed reviews for his Broadway debut in the revival "A Raisin in the Sun"?
P. Diddy
Spellers at the National Spelling Bee are not allowed to ask the pronouncer for which of the following?