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The false/greater pelvis is the space between:
Defined by the:
the iliac fossa and its inferior boundry
Pelvic Brim
The psoas muscle is:
(false pelvis)
large, triangular, fleshy
Anterior pelvic sidewall
The transverse muscle is:
(false pelvis)
round, hypoechoic, paraveterbral
The iliacus is:
(false pelvis)
fan shaped, along iliac crest
The iliopsoas is:
(false pelvis)
The combination of the the iliacus and psoas major
The true/lesser pelvis is the space below:
the pelvic brim
(sacrum, ischium, pubis)
The obturator internus is:
(true pelvis)
fan shaped, lateral wall covering
The pififormis arises from:
(true pelvis)
the sacrum, passes through the greater sciatic foramen
2 muscles of the pelvic floor (diaphragm)
Levator ani (larger)
Coccygeus (smaller)
4 Ligaments of the uterus and ovaries
Broad, ovarian, mesovarium, suspensory
The uterus is suspended by:
The forward bend is maintained by:
2 broad ligaments
2 round ligaments
The cervix is supported by:
2 uterosacral ligaments
1 posterior, 1 anterior
The ovarian ligaments are between the:
Attaches the ovary to the:
ovarian bodies and uterus
Cord like thickening
Attaches ovary to the lateral uterus wall
The mesovarium attached the ovary to:
the posterior layer of broad ligaments of the uterus
The suspensory ligament carries the:
attaches the ovary to the:
Ovarian vessels
Lateral pelvic wall
The common iliac arteries cross:
Bifurcate to form the:
Flow is:
anterior and medial to the psoas
Internal/external iliac arteries
High velocity, high impedance flow
The external iliac arteries supply the:
Course through the:
Liev lies medial to the:
Reiv is medial/posterior to the:
lower extremeties
False pelvis
Larger in caliber
Internal iliac arteries supply the:
Pelvic viscera, pelvic walls, perineum and gluetal region
The right common iliac vein ascends:
posteriorly and lateral to the right common iliac artery
The anterior peritioneal space is between the:
anterior parietal peritoneum and bladder
The anterior cul-de-sac is between the:
anterior uterus and bladder
The posterior cul-do-sac is between the:
(pouch of Douglas, rectouterine pouch)
uterus and rectum