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Name a grape grown in both Cognac and Armagnac.
Ugni Blanc
Folle Blanche
Name the best Cognac and Armagnac regions and why they are the best.
Cognac: Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne and if its from both its called Grand Fine Champagne

Armagnac: Bas Armagnac

Best regions in both are the Chalkiest regions in their respective areas
State the main labeling age terms for Cognac and Armagnac.
3 Star or VS : Very Special : min 3 years

5 Star or VSOP : Very Superiore Old Pale : Min 4 years

Napolean or XO : Extra Old : Min 5 years
Name the best region of Calvados.
Pays d'Auge
State the main flavoring ingredient in Gin.
Juniper Berries
State the source of sugar for the best Tequila.
The sap from the Blue Agave.
State the minimum sugar level in a liqueur.
State a bitter liqueur suitable as an apertif or a digestive.
Campari, Pernod, Fernet Branca, Dubonnet, Jagermeister, Cynar, and Lillet.
Describe how cigar sizes are stated.
By Length and ring size.

I.E. 5 1/2 inches by 50 ring

50 ring would be 50/64 of a 1/4 inch
State the ingredients allowed in the Bavarian Purity Law.
Barley Malt
State the 2 main categories of beer.
Ale: Made with top fermenting yeast

Lager: Made with bottom fermenting yeast
Name 2 styles of beer within each of the 2 main beer categories.
Pale Ale

State the steps of beer production.
Soak the barley in water until germination.

Bake barley in kiln to stop germination.

Yeast is added to cause fermentation creating alcohol and CO2.

Hops is now added if bitter flavor is desired.
Name the premium sake quality levels.
Junmai-Sho: 30% polished
Ginjo-Sho: 40% polished
Daiginjo-Sho: 50% polished
Define albemic.
Pot Still.
Name 2 scotch regions.
Highlands, Lowlands, and Islay.

Islay is the strongest, and generally either Isaly or Highlands is the best.
Define Bourbon.
Must be made from 51% or more corn.
It is distelled in a pot still making it a distilled beer.
Also it must be aged for 2 years in new american oak.