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Somatosensory system
-consists of part of the CNS and PNS which process sensory info from the body wall
Where are touch receptors located?
-superficially in the skin (dermis)
Where are proprioception receptors located?
-deep in the muscle/tendon/joint capsule systems
Where are free nerve endings for pain, temp and chemoreception located?
-superficially in the skin (epidermis) and viscera
What is the threshold difference btw touch receptors and pain receptors?
-touch receptors have much lower thresholds of activation
How do meissner/merkel receptive fields compare to those of pacinian and ruffini corpuscles?
-the fields of meissner/merkel are smaller
Regions of the body wall that have high sensitivity are characterized by what?
-innervation by a large number of sensory fibers and by fibers that have small receptive fields
By what two mechanisms is stimulus intensity coded?
-a frequency code in individual fibers
-a code involving the number of fibers activated
Label line principle
-concept of modality specialization of an individual fiber
What three factors contribute to the label line principle?
1. type of receptor
2. location of fiber endings
3. threshold