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where are inflammatory mediators released from?
immune cells and the vasculature
chemical that acts on bare nerve terminals of C (unmyelinated) fibers
what are prostaglandins synthesized from?
arachidonic acid
what does aspirin do?
it blocks the synthesis of prostaglandins
nociceptive pain
activation of nociceptors in response to tissue injury
neuropathic pain
direct damage to nerves
what does damage to the anterolateral pathway do?
reduces pain and temperature sensation
where are anterolateral pathways similar up to.....after this point, they diverge?
stimulus to free nerve endings of what types of nociceptors
A@ and C nociceptors
where are nociceptors found?
skin, bone, joints, muscle, internal visceral organs
what type of fibers mediate first pain?
A@ fibers...immediate, short-lasting, prickling
what type of fibers mediate second pain?
C fibers...delayed, long lasting, burning
what substances does the chemical synapse involve?
Glutamate and substance P
where do the processes of nociceptors enter the system?
lateral part of the dorsal horn of the spinal cord
where do the second order spinal nuerons synapse?
Lamina I/II
lateral edge of spinal cord is Lamina_?
lamina near the central canal
where do 2nd order neurons cross to the contralateral side of the spinal cord?
anterior commisure
where do spinal neurons ascend?
Anteriolateral Quadrant Tracts
cutting of anterolateral tracts in patients with terminal illness is called
what happens when you cut the spinal cord (cordotomy on one side)
analgesia and athermia on CONTRALATERAL SIDE
what occurs with central cord syndrome?
syringomyelia (gliosis, cysts, cavitation
deficit in central cord syndrome
bilateral loss of pain and temp. sensation ONLY in the dermatomes of affected levels
the most prominent pain pathway (from spinal cord)
Spinalthalamic Tract...terminates in the thalamus
what does the spinothalamic tract mediate?
discriminitive aspects of pain and temperature sensation (intesity, location, and duration)
where to most fibers terminate in the thalamus?
VPL (Ventral Posterior Lateral Nucleus)
where do the 3rd order neurons of the spinaothalmic tract project?
SI (Areas 1,2,3B)
what does VPL mediate
discrimination and location of pain
what two pathways does the VPL recieve information from?
Dorsal Column Medial Lemniscus and Spinothalamic
where do a few fibers terminate in the thalamus?
Central Lateral Nucleus
where do the 3rd order neurons from the Central Lateral Nuclues terminate?
limbic cortex
what nuclues is NOT somatotopically organized?
Central Lateral Nucleus
describe the path of the spinoreticular tract
2nd order neurons go from spinal cord to the MEDULLA/PONS in the RETICULAR FORMATION- thalamus- cortex
what does the spinoreticular tract do?
mediates changes in the level of ATTENTION to painful stimuli, forebrain arousal and affective response to noxious stimuli
area of gray matter that surrounds the crebral aqueduct
PAG (Periaqueductal Gray)
where does the Spinomesencephalic pathway terminate?
superior colliculi of the midbrain and the PAG (Periaqueductal Gray)
what are the three tracts from the spinal cord?
spinothalamic, spinoreticular, spinomesencephalic
besides pain and temp sensation, what else does the anterolateral pathway carry a little bit of?
crude touch sensation
where do thalamic neurons project to?
1) SI areas I,2,3B and SII
2) Limbic System
3) Insular Cortex
what does the Insular cortex do?
processes info about the internal, autonomic state of the body
lesions in the Insular Cortex result in what?
asymboblia for pain- don't display appropriate emotional responses to pain
where/how to trigeminal nociceptors ascend and terminate?
lpsilaterally in the Spinal Trigeminal Tract and terminate in the Spinal Trigeminal Nucleus of V
how do second order neurons from the Spinal Trigeminal Nucleus of V ascend and go?
as the Trigeminothalmic Tract and go to the VPM
where do 3rd order neurons from the VMP project?
through the Posterior Limb of the INternal Capsule and Corona Radiata up to the LATERAL SI CORTEX
what is trigeminal neuralgia?
lancinating, severe pain that lasts seconds to minutes, episodes brought on by chewing or shaving or toughing trigger points on face.
what plays a big role in the inhibiton of pain?
reticular formation