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receptors that mediate fine touch and 2 point discrimination
Merkel Discs and Meissner's Corpuscles
Receptors that give the sharpest resolution of the texture of surface of objects...bumpy vs. smooth
Merkel Discks
Merkel Discs are innervated by which type of axon?
Merkel Discs are __ adapting?
Slowly Adapting
nerve ending in Merkel Disc
free nerve ending at dermal/epidermal border
where is the high density of Merkel Discs?
fingertips and around the mouth
where is the low density of Merkel Discs?
on the back
type of receptive field of a Merkel Disc?
many small sensitive spots innervated by a single axon
what are Meissner's Corpuscles specifically good at?
Sensing abrupt changes in edges, bumps, and corners of objects.....encode low frequency vibration (flutter)
the receptive field of Meissner's Corpuscles
is a single spot
what do Meissner's Corpuscle enclose?
a flattened stack of epithelial cells
type of axon in Meissner's Corpuscle?
Meisner's Corpuscles are __ Adapting?
Where are Meissner's Corpuscles located?
on globular (not hairy) skin- tips of fingers and palms
Fxn of Ruffini Endings
repsond to the stretch of skin...sense the force of gravity against the skin
what do Ruffini Endings help determine the shape of?
grasped objects when the skin is stretched
receptive endings of Ruffini Endings
large and diffuse b/c deep in the dermins
nerve ending of Ruffini Ending?
What do the axons of Ruffini fibers surround?
collagen fibrils...wraps around and between
myelination of axons of Ruffini endings
Ruffini Endings are ___ Adapting
Slowly Adapting in response to the stretch of the skin in one direction
What is the most sensitive mechanoreceptor?
Pacinian Corpuscles
What to Pacinian Corpuscles respond to?
High Frequency Vibration
receptive field of Pacinian Corpuscle?
Large and Diffuse
nerve endings of Pacinian Corpuscle?
fluid-filled capsule is wrapped around the bare nerve ending...filters out all sustained stimuli
type of myelination of Pacinican Corpuscle?
Pacinian Corpuscles are __ Adapting?
which type of mechanoreceptor responds to very high frequencies and small indentations?
Pacinian Corpuscle
which type of mechanoreceptor responds to very low frequencies and large indentations?
Meissner's Corpuscle
Where is the receptive field of hair follicle receptors?
around the base of the hair follicle
nerve endings of hair follicles
bare axon is wrapped around the hair follicle
myelination of hair follicle receptors
AB or A@
Hair follicle receptors are __ Adapting
Rapidly Adapting...respond to velocity of hair movement
which receptors are the best at encoding the spatial dots in the experiement?
Merkel Disc
why don't Pacinian Corpuscles fire appropriately to the spacing of the dots in the experiment?
their receptive fields are too not encode 2 point discrimination or texture well
the axons of cooling receptors
receptive fields of cooling receptors
very small...infrequent in distribution
the axons of warming receptors
C- unmyelinated
receptive fields of Warming Receptors
very small
Myelination of A-mechanoreceptors?
what do A-mechanoreceptors respond to?
intense mechanical force and very intense noxious heat
describe nerve endings of A-mechanoreceptors
free nerve endings that branch at the dermal/epidermal border
adaptation of A-mechanoreceptors?
slowly adapting
receptive fields of A-mechanoreceptors
small, punctate
myelination of C- Polymodal nociceptors
C- unmyelinated
what do C-Polymodal nociceptors respond to?
intense mechanical force, high thermal heat, noxious chemicals (bradykinin, histamine)
nerve endings of C Polymodal nociceptors
free- can respond to chemcials produced during inflammation
receptive fields of C Polymodal nociceptors
what teyp of pain do C Polymodal nociceptors mediate?
slow, burning, aching, long-lasting pain....dull pain that is difficult to localize