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What is henry's law?
C (solubility of a gas in a solvent) = k(23.54 mL N2/L) * Pgas(partial pressure of the gas about the solution).

(mL N2/L)/1.00atm
Henry's Law
Henry's Law only applies to equilibrium between molecules of a gas and the same molecules of solution.
What is different of gases in organic solvents?
The solubility of noble gases in water decreases and then increases. Very odd.
Solubilities of most gases in water
...decrease with an increase in temperature.

i.e. putting soda out in the heat.
Why do many types of fish survive only in cold water?
There is not enough dissolved oxygen in warm water to sustain them.
True or false: pressure affects the solubility of a gas in a liquid much more than does temperature. fact, the solubility of a gas increases with increasing pressure, as stated by Henry's Law.