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Solar System
sun and the objects that orbit around it
the path an object takes as it moves around another object in space
Large body of rock or gas that orbits the sun
Are asteroids and commets part of the solar system?
Is the sun a planet or a star?
the force of one object's pull on another
Name the inner planets (in order going away from the sun)
Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
How is earth different from the other inner planets?
it has watery surface, oxygen, animal and plant life
What do the inner planets have in common?
they have rocky surface, closer to the sun and are warmer, mostly smaller than outer planets
Name the outer planets (in order going away from the Sun)
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
How are the outer planets alike?
They are mostly made of frozen gas, they are far from the sun and colder, all but Pluto are much larger than the inner planets
What is the largets planet?
How much bigger than Earth is Jupiter?
1000 times bigger
What is the smallest planet?
chunk of rock that orbits the sun
large ball of ice and dust that orbits the sun
What does the comet's orbit look like?
oval shaped
When can you see a comet?
when it gets close to the sun so you can see its glowing gasses
Which part of the comet do you see?
the tail
hot ball of glowing gases
are all stars the same distance from Earth?
a group of stars that forms a pattern
Do the stars actually move at night?
No, they look like it -- the earth moves instead
Why do the constellations seem to move every season?
Because the earth circles the sun
Do the constellations near the North Pole seem to move?
instrument that makes things that are far away look close
Who used teh first telescope?
What did Galileo see through the first telescope?
the rings of Saturn
how does a radio telescope work?
it uses radio waves
how does an optical telescope work?
It uses light
What does a Refracting telescope use to make things look larger?
What does a Reflecting telescope use to make things look larger?
a curved mirror
What kind of telescope is most common?
Why is it hard to get good pictures from telescopes?
The air makes the stars twinkle and they look blurry
Where are many telescopes located? Why?
On tall mountains because the air is thinner
What is better about a radio telescope?
The air and weather don't affect the picture
Are there telescopes in Space? Why?
Yes - they can get better pictures!