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What do we concern and need not to concern in CNS tumour?
Concern: increase ICP
Not concern: metastasis to outside
Give 3 big categories of brain tumour
1. Gliomas
2. Meningiomas
3. Lymphoma
Gliomas -- malignant?
How is it change histologically from time to time?
All malignant except pilocytic astrocytomas.

From low-grade to high grade except pilocytic astrocytomas.
What do gliomas consist of?
1. astrocytoma
2. pilocytic astrocytoma
3. oligodendrogliomas
4. ependymomas
5. chroid plexus tumours
Give key features of the different gliomas
Infiltrative --- astrocytoma
Bipolar spindle cells --- pilocytic astrocytoma
Calcification --- oligodendrogliomas
IV ventricle, spinal cord --- ependymomas
Give historical key features of the meningioma
Meningothelial whorls
Give historical key features of the lymphmas
B cells around vessels
How is astrocytoma graded?
Grade I , II : low grade
Grade III, IV : high grade
What do low grade astrocytoma include?
diffusse astrocytoma
pilocytic astrocytoma
What do high grade astrocytoma include?
Grade III : anaplastic astrocytoma
Grade IV: glioblastoma multiforme
What is the commonest primary brain tumour?
Glioblastoma multiforme
What is the commnest site of metastasis to brain? And the next?
Commonest : breast
Second : lung
What is the commnest tumour of spinal cord?
What is the commonest tumour primary tumour in childhood?
What is the imaging of the commonest primary brain tumour - glioblastoma?
1. Enhancement
2. Buttery fly lesion (if at corpus collosum)
What is the histological features of GBM?
1. extreme pleomorphism
2. glomeruloid endothelial proliferation
What is the prognosis of the commonest primary brain tumour / GBM?
Poor prognosis
Features of pilocytic astrocytoma
1. benign childhood tumour
2. well circumscribed
3. cystic change
4. cerebrum/cerebellum/3rd ventricle
Features of GBM
(this question may be discarded as duplication of other questions)
1. commonest primary brain tumour
2. enhancement on imaging
3. Butterfly lesion at corpus collosum
4. pleomorphism
5. glomeruloid endothelial proliferation
6. poor prognosis
Features of oligodendrogliomas
1. slow growing of adult cerebrum
2. calcification
Features of ependymomas
1. commonest spinal cord tumour
1. spinal cord / 4th ventricle
2. childhood/ young tumour
What is the key features of medulloblastoma histologically?
Features of medulloblastoma
1. commonest childhood tumour
2. cerebellar location
3. spread through CSF, to bone and extraneural tissue
What origin is meningiomas from?
Arachnoid cells from arachnoid granulation
What characteristic of menigiomas allows it to present as scalp mass?
It infiltrates skull
What will be present as a result of meningiomas infiltrating the skull?
Scalp mass
Characteristic of menigiomas
1. benign
2. at brain surface, para-saggital region, spinal cord, skull base
Where do vestibular schwannoma occur?
At cerebellopontine angle
Chracteristic of geminoma
1. commonest germ cell tumour
2. spread through CSF
3. highly sensitive to radiotherapy
Give a possible tumour as a hemorrhagic tumor in cerebellum
Cerebellar hemangioblastoma
Give a possible tumour as a heavily calcified infiltrative tumour near pituitary gland on imaging
Give a possible tumour at pineal gland
Give a possible tumour at pituitary
Pituitary adenoma
What tumours can spread through CSF?
Medullobalstoma, germinoma
On imagine, calcification - tumour include which 2 tumours?
Craniopharyngiomas and oligodendrogliomas.