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What is the following relationship called?

"blood + CSF + brain tissue = constatnt "
Monroe - Kelly Doctrine
What does Monroe-Kelly Doctrine mean?
blood + CSF + brain tissue = constant
What is Cushing's triad consist of?
1. systolic hypertension
2. bradycardia
3. irregular respiration
What does Cushing's triad indicate?
Severe increased ICP
Signs of acute increased ICP ?
1. headache
2. vomiting
3. papilloedema
4. Cushing's triad (severe case)
What does Gerstmann's syndrome consist of?
1. agraphia
2. acalculia
3. finger agnosia
4. right-left disorientation
What does Gerstmann's syndrome indicate?
Left parietal lobe lesion
What is the significance of fixed and dilated pupil in comatose patient?
Poor prognosis, especially bilaterally
What is the casue of fixed and ilated pupil
Injury or compression of 3rd nerve on upper brainstem
What is Kernohan's notch syndrome?
Hemisphere injury causing motor problem in the ipsilateral body side
What herniation may Kernohan's notch syndrome indicate?
Transtentorial herniation
3 clinical features of brain abscess
1. fever
2. convulsion
3. primary infection site can be identified
3 clinical features of chronic hydrocephalus
Triad of symptoms:
1. dementia
2. gait disturbance
3. incontinence of urine
Mx of brain abscess
1. surgical: aspirate / excision ( for tissue and micriological diagnosis as well)

2. antibiotics

3. Mx of primary infection site
Mx of hydrocephalus
1. Standard:
CSF shunting (ventriculoperitoneal shunting , ventriculoatrial shunting)

2. Endoscopic thrid ventriculostomy (puncturing of aterior wall of 3rd ventricle)
Specific Mx of obstructive hydrocephalus
1. removal of blockade
2. endoscopic 3rd ventriculostomy
3. Last sort: VP shunt
Specific Mx of communicating hydrocephalus
1. repeated LPs
2. lumbo-peritoneal shunt
3. VP shunt
4. Last sort: ventriculo-atrial shunt