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What are characteristics of soilborne pathogens?
Above ground symptoms appear after "damage is done"
Condensed and radiating pattern of spread in field
Inoculum doesn't travel far on its own
Good facultative saprobes
Form durable survival structures
Management is difficult
What are the symptoms of Rhizoctonia solani?
Damping off
Below ground-root rot, stem cankers
Above ground-stem cankers, foliar blights (in turf)
What are the signs of Rhizoctonia solani?
Mycelium/hyphae has a 90 degree branch, constriction, septa, is think and brown
No asexual spores
Sexual stage not common (Basidiomycota)
What are the signs of Sclerotium rolfsii?
Abundant white mycelium, "ropey"
Asexual stage without spores
Sexual stage (Basidiomycota)
What are the signs of Fusarium oxysporum?
Sporodochia, macroconidia, microconidia
Chlamydospores (resting stage)
Sexual stage (Ascomycota)
What is damping off?
death of a seedling before or shortly after emergence due to decomposition of the root and/or lower stem; it is common to distinguish between preemergence damping-off and postemergence damping-off
What are signs of fungal-like plant pathogens?
Coenocytic hyphae/mycelium
Sexual stage common-oospores, oogonia, antheridia
What are characteristics of Phytophthora spp?
"plant destroyer"
Prefers cool, wet conditions
Sporangia--germinate directly or produce zoospores
in Chromista
What are symptoms of Pythium?
Damping off
Seed rot, root rot, fruit rot, soft rot
"Pythium blight" in turf
Sign- white mycelium