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Give agent and description of anthrax
Bacillus anthracis --Gram positive sporeforming bacteria
How do humans aquire anthrax???
workers who tan hides
inhale spores
sheep goats horses
contamination in meat
What is mortality rate of anthrax??
80 %
Symptoms of anthrax are ______???
Pulmonary anthrax-severe blood infection with extensive hemorraging
Skin anthrax--boil like lesions covered with black crusts
intestinal anthrax-diarrhea with blood
What is treatment for anthrax???
Vaccine has been made for animals -from an attenuated strain of B. anthrax
for people 6 inoculations over 18 month period.
How many cases of anthrax???
12 cases from 1980 to 2000
Agent for Tetanus
clostridium tetani
Gram positive anaerobic sporeforming bacillus
describe how tetanus is gotten??
Not highley invasive
spores enter deep wounds
then germinate and make exotoxin-neurotoxin
Name bad toxin in tetanus
tetanospasmin-- blocks relaxation pathway that follows muscle contraction
How fast do symptoms come on in tetanus
within hours
muscle stiffness
trismus or lockjaw
fixed smile
arching of back
Treatment for tetanus and immunizatioin???
muscle relaxants
dark rooms
immunize by DTap (diptheria-tetanus-acellular-pertussis)toxoid
Give agent of Gas gangrene and description
clostridium perfringens(also the agent in clostridial food poisoning)
G + anaerobic sporeforming bacillus
Define dry gangrene
blood flowm blocked by dead tissue and skin color turns to black or purple.oftn body part removed
define moist gangrene
occurs when soilborne bacteria(clostridium perfringes)from soil gets in wound ferments muscle carbo. and putrefying proteins.Large amounts of gas tear tissue apart----Also secretes Lecithinase
Symptoms of gas gangrene???
intense pain, swelling,foul odor,anemia,possible heart and nerve damage from toxins
Treatment for Gas gangrene
hyperbaric chamber