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Describe the Coastal Plains region
Broad lowlands, harbors along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico
Describe the Appalachian Highlands
old and eroded, the oldest rock formations in North America and extend from eastern Canada to western Alabama
Describe the Canadian Shield
some of the oldest rock formations in North America and has hundreds of lakes formed by glaciers and wraps around the Hudson Bay
Describe the Interior Lowlands
have rolling hills, many rivers and broad river valleys.
Describe the Great Plains
east of the Rocky Mountains and have flat grasslands slowly increasing in elevation toward the Rockies
Describe the Rocky Mountains
are rugged mountains with high elevations, the Continental Divide determines which way the rivers flow
Describe the Basin and Range
has isolated mountains with varying elevations and Death Valley
Describe the Coastal Range
stretches from Canada to California and contains rugged mountains with fertile valleys along the Pacific Coast