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A technique where a cell is ticked to place it's reference in the formula is called...
Number signs (####) displayed in a cell indicate...
The cell is not wide enough to display the formatted number.
The sheet tabs are used to...
Display the worksheets in the cell.
Which key cancels the data entry and restores the original content?
Esc key
When the pointer is moved onto the worksheet, it changes to...
A plus sign
If the width of a column is not wide enough to display the value 123456789012...
The value will be displayed in scientific notation.
A cell reference that reflects the row/column it has been copied to is called a(n)...
Relative cell refrence
What would cause the error value #REF to be displayed in the cell?
A formula with a refrence that is not valid.
Printing a worksheet in landscape orientation...
Fits more columns and fewer rows on the page
A function can be entered into a formula without typing by...
Selecting the Function command
Which key can be used to create an absolute cell refrence?
F4 key
The Find and Relace dialog box can be used to...
Locate specific data and then change it to data supplied by the user.
A range of cells can be copied to another sheet by...
Using the Copy and Paste buttons
Which type of chart would best illustrate each department's sales as a precentage of the overall store sales?
The first step in creating a line/bar chart is...
Selecting the data to be charted
A chart's titale can be modified by ticking the chart titale to select it, then...
Ticking again to place the inseration point, typing new text, and pressing the Enter key
A chart is sized proportionally by dragging...
A corner handle
An adjacent data series can be added to a selected chart by...
Dragging one of the handles of the outlined original data series to include the new series.
The portion of the worksheet to be charted is called the...
Data range
Which option in the Print dialog box prints only the sheet that is displayed?
Active sheet(s)
What can files names NOT contain?
Colons (:)
A red wavy line under a word indicates that the word...
Is mispelled
Before printing, a document should be...
The process of determining if the next word will fit on the end of the document of the current line or if it must go on the next line is called...
Word wrap
To insert a word into the middle of a sentence...
Move the insertion point to the correct position in the sentence and type the new word
To create a new word processor document from the New Office dialog box...
Tick the Blank Document icon and then select OK
Closing a document...
Removes the document window from the screen
Selecting the Zoom command displays a dialog box with options for
Changing the magnification of the displayed document
A Screen-tip that describes the action that a button on the toolbar will perform is displayed by...
Pointing to the button.
To end the current paragraph and insert a blank line before beginning the next paragraph...
Press the Enter key twice
The Print Preview command is used to...
See how the document will appear when printed
Page numbers can be added to a footer by placing the insertion point in the footer and then...
Ticking the Insert Page Number button on the Header and Footer toolbar
Character size is measured in units called...
The way in which a charcter is emphasized is called it's...
Superscript is a format that...
Reduces the size of the text and raises it to the top of the current line
A vertical block of text can be selected by...
Holding down the Alt key and dragging
Subscript is a format...
Reduces the size of the text and lowers it to the bottom of the current line.
In a four page document, a header appears on...
All four pages
To delete selected text...
Press the Delete key
If an underlined word is selected and then the Bold button on the toolbar is ticked, the word is displayed...
Bold and underline