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The completion of both teams at bat.
Making contact with the ball without a full swing
The number of balls and strikes on the batter.
A misplay or mistake made by a defensive player in which the batter is able to advance to a base
Fast Pitch
No arc on the pitched ball, the ball comes in at a fast pace.
Foul Ball
A ball which is hit into territory out of bounds in the outfield or a ball which is hit fair in the infield but rolls foul before a player touches it
Grand Slam
The batter hits a home run with bases loaded (runners on 1st, 2nd, 3rd)
When a player reaches a base on a ball which is hit and the defensive player was unable to make a successful play on the hit
Over throw
A thrown ball that goes into foul territory beyond the boundary lines of the playing filed on an attempt to get a runner out who is moving to a base.
Force Out
Runners on the bases are forced to run because a teammate is on the base directly behind them. No tag is necessary on the runner by the defensive player. Only a tag on the base is necessary to get the runner out, you must be holding the ball.
Double Play
When a defensive team is able to get two outs on the same play.
Triple Play
When a defensive team is able to get three outs on the same play
Playing a ground ball or a fly ball that is hit.
Strike Out
When a batter is unable to make contact on the ball with 3 successful pitches. (Three swings and misses)
Home Run
Hitting the ball and making it around all the bases without being put out by
the defensive team.