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Sodium Bicarbonate Classification
-Alkalinizing agent
Sodium Bicarbonate Mechanism of Action
-Increases plasma bicarbonate
-buffers excess hydrogen ion concentration
-Raises blood pH
-Reverses clinical manifestations of acidosis
Sodium bicarbonate Indications
-Known preexisting hyperkalemia
-preexisting metabolic acidosis
-Overdose: tricyclic antidepressants, procainamide
Sodium Bicarbonate Dosing
-Initial dose 1 mEq/kg IV bolus.
-1/2 initial dose may be repeated every 10 minutes thereafter
-repeated IV doses of 1 to 2 mEq/kg may be needed when sodium bicarbonate is used to treat drug-induced arrhythmias and hypotension
Sodium Bicarbonate Precautions
-Extravasation may lead to tissue inflammation and necrosis
Sodium Bicarbonate Contraindications
-Significant metabolic or respiratory alkalosis
-Severe pulmonary edema
Sodium Bicarbonate Special Considerations
-Don't mix with parenteral drugs b/c of possiblility of drug inactivation or precipitation
-Hyperkalemia produces ECG changes (peaked T waves; widenend QRS, prolonged PR intervals, flattened ST segments, flattened or absent P waves)
-used in hyperkalemia to decrease serum K+ levels by temporarily shifting K+ into the intracellular fluid
-may be administered in tricyclic antidepressant overdose with QRS prolongatoin or hypotension.
-Drug given to maintain arterial pH between 7.45-7.55
Sodium Bicarbonate Onset / Duration
-2 to 10 minutes
-30 to 60 minutes