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What are the componants of a group?
Shared Goals, Memberships, Norms, and interaction
What are the types of groups?
Primary- family/friends
secondary- dorm mates, work mates
What is cohesion?
The extent to which members remain in a group
What are the various types of cohesion?
Social and task
Groups that are cohesive tend to be:
More creative, more cooperative, high success and prod. rate, more influence over e/o
What is goal isomorphism?
When group goal and ind. goals are the same
How do you achieve goal isomorphism?
Recruit similar people
Socialize w/ similar people
Training- ind goal = group goal
Emphasize group identity
What are the types of roles people play in groups?
leaders, not necissarilly liked, most well liked person-socio-emotional leader = #2
Which roles do kids play?
leaders, wannabes, medium, outcasts
What are status characteristics?
a social attribute which attitudes or benefits come to be recognized around an individual.
What are the two types of status characteristics?
Specific - soc maj
Diffuse- race/gender
What is conformity?
The process by which people's beliefs or behaviors are influenced by others.
Who studied conformity?
Solomon Asch
Why to people conform?
To be accepted
meet expectation of others
to fit in
dont want to seem lame
they are members of a group
how do you increase conformity
increase size of majority
unanimous more likely to persuade
commitment to future interaction
competence of others
attraction of the group
where does leaders support come from?
from lower people
what is group think
a mode of thinking in which people engage in deeply involved in a cohesive in-group, when members strive for unanimty instead of realistically apprasing alternative modes of action
what are 5 things about group think?
strong leadership, isolation of outside opinion, isolate from outside experts, closer a group, more chosion = less likely to raise questions
what are 3 indications of group think?
stereotypes of other leaders,
pressure to conform against other side, mindgaurds
what are 3 ways to prevent group think?
effective alternatives should be examined, members hould discuss ideas w/ tructed outside sources. higher ups should notexpress an opinion when assigning a task
What are the social processes that contributed to mai lai?
dehuminization, authorization, rootinization.

d- treat as lesser status
r- make things routine
auth- not being held accountable, just do it b/c higher up said so
what are the types of justice?
distributive, procedural, interactional

d- fiarness of outcomes equity and equality
japanese cartoons

p- fairness of procedure
fair if everyone thinks they are equal and valued

interact- interpersonal treat
people more willing to work harder if boss treats you fairly
what is intergroup conflict?
conflict between groups

nations, poli parties, street gangs, business, teams

social categories
sexual orientation
whats causes intergroup conflict
contradicting values/beliefs
lack of rules/standards
social identity (in group/out)
-blurs in group, trench out group
why does intergroup conflict persist?
biased perceptions
existance of an outgroup
group stereotypes
unltimate attribution error- everything they do reflects them directly
what is intragroup conflict
conflict within a group
how do in groups win conflicts?
inrease cohesion w/ limits
group leaders become militant
change the norms/rules
what causes intragroup conflict?
unequal share of the cost, rallocate resources
how do you resolve intragroup/intergroup conflict?
find commen cause
intergroup contact (ambassador,DW,DCmarried)
Equal status contact
3rd party mediation