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According to the ABC's of deviance
Both behavior and physical traits can be the basis for judgements of deviance.
Is achieved and ascribed statuses a basis for judgements of deviance
Cognitive Deviance Includes
holding unpopular, unconventional, unorthodox or despised religious beliefs.
Deviance takes place or exists
everywhere and anywhere people engage in behavior, hold and express beliefs and possess traits that others regard as unacceptable.
Name the necessary ingredients that defines deviant
a rule or norm

someone who violates that norm.

an audience.
What is the background for the behavior
Which approach of deviance emphasizes subjective meaning?
Social Contructionism
Positivism is concerned with
Cause and effect explanations.
Control Theory
Asks why don't they
Social Disorganization Theory
locate the influence that causes deviance.
Differential association theory
That criminals behavior is learned.
Anomie or Strain
A certain kind of strain causes deviance.
What theories are positivisim
Social disorganization
differential association
anomie or strain
In the social sciences, positivism is the
application of natural science method
Name a typical characteristic positivistic question
Why do they do it. Why do specific people or categories of people deviate.