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learning to behave in ways considered appropriatewithin our society
accepting the norms, values, roles and beliefs of a culture as ones own, not open to questioning
these children are untamed or living in the wild. severly neglected or abued as to understand their own humanness
feral children
a 13 yr old girl found chokingly abusive and neglectful conditions she recieved no human interactions for majority of her life when she was foung she could not stand or walkshe missed a critical periond in her life called socializtion which is a critical period for language development this is a food example of
the case of genie: feral children and critical periods of socialization
environmental modulation of genetic/biological programming
successful rehabilitation of a feral child may depend on
the age of a child the younger the better chance for rehab
lack of warm nurture holding and attention will prevent babies from forming attatchments which resemble
the unattended infant to the infant monkeys in harlows study of attatchment
behavior is the results oc external stimulus and oly repeated if reinforced. this is more passive role for the human mind as a reactor rather than initiater
stimulus response learning system