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What is a family?
A group of people related by blood, marriage, or adoption.
What is marriage?
A legal union (between a man & a woman) based on mutual rights & obligations.
What is a nuclear family?
A family structure composed of 1 or both parents & children.
What is an extended family?
2 or more adult generations of the same family whose members share economic resources & a common household.
What is patrilineal?
Descent & inheritance is passed through the male line.
What is matrilineal?
Descent & inheritance is passed through the female line.
What is bilateral?
Descent & inheritance are passed equally through both parents.
What is patriarchy?
The oldest man living in the household has authority over the rest of the family members.
What is matriarchy?
The oldest female living in the household has authority over all family members
What is equalitarian?
Authority is shared equally b/w the husband & the wife.
What is patrilocal?
Married couples live w/ or near the husband's family.
What is matrilocal?
The family lives w/ or near the wife's family.
What is neolocal?
The newly married couple set up their own households.
What is monogamy?
A marriage consisting of 1 man & 1 woman.
What is polygamy?
A form of marriage where a person has more than 1 spouse at a time.
What is polygyny?
The man is married to 2 or more women.
What is polyandry?
The woman is married to 2 or more men.
What is exogamy?
The practice of marrying outside one's group (specifices which individuals are not acceptable as marriage partners)
What is endogamy?
The marriage within one's own group as required by social norms. (specifies the class of persons w/ whom marriage is both legal & socailly emerged).
What is incest taboo?
A norm forbidding marriage b/w close relatives.
What is homogamy?
The tendency to marry someone similar to oneself.
What is heterogamy?
The marriage b/w people w/ different social characteristics.
What is socioemotional maintenance?
Provision of acceptance and support.
What is marriage rate?
The # of marriages per year for every 1,000 members of a population.
What is divorce rate?
The # of divorces per year for every 1,000 members of a population.
What is a blended family?
A family formed when at least 1 of the partners in a marriage has been married before & has a child/ children from a previous marriage.
What are adolescents?
Youths from the ages of 12 to 17.
What are dual-employed marriages?
Marriages in which both spouses work outside the home.
What is cohabitation?
A marriagelike living arrangement w/o the legal obligations & responsibilities of formal marriage.
What are boomerang kids?
Adult children who return to the home of origin or who continue to live w/ parents.