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Depth of peoples religious feelings and how they translate these feelings inoto behavior
Labeling Theory
Focuses on how individuals come to be identified as deviant
The Social Science that studys criminal behavior
Secoundary deviance
Results in the individual being labled as deviant and accepting the label as true
Differential Association
Proportion of associations a person has with deviant versus non-deviant individuals
Strain Theory
Views deviance as the natural overgrowth of the values, norms and structure of society
Cultural Transmission Theory
Explains deviance as a learned behavior
A mark of social disgrace that sets the deviant apart from the rest of society
Control Theory
Explains deviance as a natural occurrence
Primary deviance
Nonconformity that goes undetected by those in authority
Degradation Ceremony
The process of labeling an individual as deviant is usually accompanied
The situation that arises when the norms of society are unclear or are no longer applicable
Techniques of neutralization
People suspend their moral beliefs to commit deviant acts
Behavior that violates significant socail norms
A new religion whose beliefs and practices differ markedly from those of the society's major religion