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Theodor Adorno
Prejudice is personality trait in people with authoritarian personality.
Herbert Gans
Distinguished 5 catagories of people who lived in city.
William Julius Wilson
Said class is more important than race to access resources like jobs.
Immanuel Wallerstein
Developed World systems theory which stresses economic links among countries.
Harold Garfinkel
Enthomologist who says social interaction is based on assumption of shared expectations.
Erving Goffman
Dramatical Analysis-social interaction in theatrical terms.

Walt Rostow
Modernization Theory-country goes through 4 stages of economic development.
Karl Marx
Saw society as 2 groups determined by means of production.
Proletariat-working class
Talcott Parsons
Social differentation between men and women necessary for cohesion and survival.

Margaret Mead
Studied male and female roles in New Guinea and found roles reverse of US
Auguste Comte
Coined term Sociology
Neil Smelser
Structural Strain Theory-6 factors that encourage social movements.
Charles Horton Cooley
Looking Glass Self

Ernest Burgess
Devoloped concentric zone model of urbinization-says city grows in circular zones from center of city.
Georg Simmel
Believed Urban dwellers devolped blase attitude toward Urban life.

William Domhoff
Ruling class infuenced power in three ways.
George Herbert Mead
Sense of Self
I & Me

Lawrence Kohlberg
Studied moral development of children.
Jean Piaget
Understanding how people think.
Robert Park
Theory of Human Ecology-examines relationship between people and enviroment.

Emile Durkheim
Study of Suicide

Thomas Robert Malthus
Says population would eventually exceed food supply.
Cloward & Ohlin
Said ability to engage in deviance depends on opportunity to do so.

Carol Gilligan
Studied moral development of girls.
Erik Olin Wright
Identified four criteria for determining class location in advanced capatalist society.
Travis Hirschi
Control Theory-what keeps people from deviant behavior.

Max Weber
Social Stratification is mulitdimensional based on class, prestige and power.
Robert Merton
Said societies have approved goals and members encourage to strive for goals.

C. Wright Mills
Sociological Imagination-ability to see links between personal and social.