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biological identity (anatomical diffs)
culture specific, learned behavior that encompasses expectations/behaviors associated with being male/female
Culture Specific Diff
Western - dichotomy; opp ends of spectrum from male to female

China - marriage is relationship btwn = companions; ambiguous
Margaret Mead
New Guinea studies showing female domination of males
Biological Determinism
all explanations of gender rooted in biological diffs (i.e: men more aggresive than women bc of testoserone levels)
All diffs natural, justifies status quo
Rules of Gender Identity
social expectations that are taught/learned through socialization
Idiology that tries to explain/justify status quo that defines women as inferior
Traits of societies measured when comparing standards of gender equality
a.women's work central to econ
b.female educational access
c.gender = in religion
d.male domestic contribution
e.workplace segregation
f.female access to power
pink collar occupations
female dominated work fields
4 arguments that explain wage disparity
1. human capital theory - women have higher turnover rate and interruption of work due to family responsibilities, pregnancy, or caring for aging parents
2. dual labor market - women work in diff segments (deval of womens work)
3. gender segregation - link btwn # of women in field and wages paid in the field
4. institutional discrimination - dom groups use power to perpetuate advantage
Sexual orientation
tendency of individual to be drawn to partner of same/opp/or neither sex
3 criteria for sexual orientation
1. sexual attraction
2. sexual involvement
3. self identification
SI interpretation of orientation
sexuality terms nonexistent historically until society defined norms of sexual behavior
SF interpretation of orientation
family is purpose for status quo
1. norms restricting sex to families encourage family
2. maintain social org./gender roles
3. promotes uniformity of values
1st stage of Sexual revolution
1920's-urbanization, labor force filled with single women, more chances to meet partner
US Sexuality
Baby boomers: sex part of life
Technology: birth control allowed women choice
Self indulgent attitude
Counter sexual rev. in 80's: conservatism, family values, HIV AIDS, divorce rate
social institution that unites people in a cooperative group who form an economic unit that oversees bearing and raising of children
Family construction
1.Orientation: family born/adopted into
2.Procreation: created by choice of mate and children