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The hiearchial arrangement of large social groups based on their control over basic resources
social stratification
What are the two types of social mobility and give examples
intra generational 1 life time american dream pulling oneself by bootstraps, intergenerational several generations immigrant experience.
Closed system
doesn't allow social mobility
Chattel slavery and warfare slavery
chattel-slavery status is inherited warfare slaver-only conquered generation is enslaved children are free in conquerors group
how many people are enslaved today
27 million
Caste and marriage
Only allowed to marry within own group
GNP-Gross National Product
Total monetary vaule of all final goods and services produced in a country during a year also GDP
Absolute vs relative poverty
Absolute-cant afford basic things Relative-Not doing as well as other people in your class
gini coefficient
quality of life between nations
income gap
difference between people in bottom
Income vs. Wealth
Top 20% controls 8% of all available wealth and income. Income-is the economic gain derived from wages. Wealth-the value of all of a person's or family's economic assests.
the respect or regard within wich a person or status position is regarded by others
the ability of people or groups to acieve their goals despite oppostiion from others
Weber-looks at several things.
wealth prestige power and history history of ideas capitalism evolving out of middle ages.
which classes have which levels of education and levels of occupation.
upperclass-college education and trading
upper middle class-very mental work
under-usually unemployed
what things have eroded the american dream
means are decreasing
how would a marxian theorist describe the current class in us
struggle between groups for power mainly owners and workers
a category of people who have been singled out as inferior or superior, often on the basis of real or alleged physical characteristics such as skin color, hair texture, eye shape
Mertons types of prejudice/discrimination
unprejudiced non discriminators
prejudiced nondiscriminators
unprejudiced discriminators
prejudiced discriminators
Ethnic cleansing, Nazis, native american problem all have in common?
defines a policy of cleansing a geographic area by forcing persons of other races or religous to flee-or die.
built into the way things are done
institutionalized discrimination
Because of racism there are two categories of jobs. AF AM. fine lower paying jobs. two or more different job markets based on race.
split labor market
conflict explanations of race
Af AM hold lower paying jobs
problems wit race labeled groups
Hispanics, Asians, lumping people together
what are stereotypes for?
categorizing people
advertisements and commericals
ads contain images that symbolize objectivity of women